Expectedly Feast at Feast Restaurant, Sheraton Hotel Bandung.

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Pomelo is the largest orange in its family and similar to the grapefruit. It’s usually pale greenish yellow outside and with pink pale flesh when ripe. It’s pretty big, reaching the size of a small melon. Although most Indonesians know this fruit, pomelo isn’t the easiest thing to find being seasonal. However, to my surprise, I found its flesh sprinkled on my tuna dish, served by the Feast Restaurant. This restaurant is located within the Sheraton Bandung Hotel complex.

Sheraton Hotel

The pomelo gave the fish dish a hint of sweet sour taste and an interesting sensation of mini squirts of citrus flesh in each bite. It was a nice mix to the smooth sauce that based the fish along with the crunch of leucaenas. The pomelo was also refreshing to find on a modern serving, especially being an endemic fruit of the South and South East Asia region. I had decided to seal the dish not with a glass of wine, which would be appropriate for Sheraton Hotel ambience, but with a glass of bajigur. Don’t hate me, but it’s almost impossible for me not to order this sweet drink made of coconut milk, palm sugar, and spices, native to West Java. I have always been a sucker for it, and I don’t regret mixing things up.

Sheraton Hotel

Vira had the Nasi Tutug Oncom, which is rice cooked with grilled oncom or fungus fermented soy. The side dishes were extensive from tempe, tofu, fried carp fish, fried chicken, and a bowl of sayur asam soup, which is a clear vegetable soup with a distinct sour broth. Let’s not forget the rice crackers and chili paste. It was an intimidating dish for a petite postured 30 something girl during dinner-time. I had to cheer her on just so she would come close to finishing her dish. Poor kid! LOL! She did like it and it was her first. So it was nice to try traditional food even though she didn’t have a comparison to say how good this dish was.

Sheraton Hotel

The Feast Restaurant also provides breakfast and lunch. We munched on an extensive lunch with so many good foods to choose from. It’s pretty useless to prolong this blog just to mention their whole range of menus; however I must state that they have freshly made noodles. For my everlasting crave of seafood, I had endless servings of fresh grilled fish, seconds of mini-bowled shrimp salad, and just a bit of this and that from the buffet. I couldn’t help myself to their cheese and dried apricot. Could you?

Sheraton Hotel

One of the hardest temptations which I had managed to overcome was their dessert table with choices of modern and traditional sweet delights. And fondue. I’m sorry, but that is a category on its own. A dessert table isn’t something new especially in the five star hotel restaurant, but the size of the ellipse-shaped table is pretty impressive. There were enough dessert there to feed a bus load of children. Did I mention that there were colorful candy sticks? I’m pretty proud not to have touched this table and had their home made ice cream instead. #guilty

Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

However, the food is only a part of what Feast Restaurant is all about. The open structure is a plus point providing fresh highland air, a trait most people look for when visiting Bandung. Though it’s not the best setting during our visit on a cold rainy night without a beanie, jacket, sweatpants, and socks on (and I really wished I did), but it does sure create an appetite especially for a hot bajigur.*Inhale. Fresh!*

Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

And just so you know, this well-thought space setting is spreads through out the hotel. In the back part of the hotel, there is a grassed garden used as a children’s play area, which includes a horse (fun!), and can also be function as an open wedding venue. Ah the dream! An intimate outdoor wedding without the drooling make up saved by the cool Bandung air. The hotel also has a meeting room but with a nice open space, I guess the people meeting would have a pretty hard time resisting the temptation of an open picnic meeting instead.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood for a good munch at upper Dago, Bandung, have a feast at Feast Restaurant. The location is easily accessible and provides a spacious parking lot since it’s in a hotel. Or better yet, if you’re staying at Sheraton Hotel, drop by the restaurant. Aside to saving all the trouble through the jammed streets, you might actually really like their menu and the service of their super friendly staff. Bon appetite!

Feast Restaurant

Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers

Jalan Ir. H. Juanda 390, Bandung, West Java 40135

Phone: +62 22 2500303


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*The feast was a complimentary from Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, but the views are all our own.

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