Where to Find Stylish Furniture in Yogyakarta?

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furniture in Yogyakarta

Remember our post about shopping? Well, here’s another one coming. But this time, it’s shopping for furniture in Yogyakarta. Furniture in Yogyakarta is not actually like Sweden with its IKEA or Kentucky with fried chicken. Yogyakarta is more known for its batik or gudeg. But I shopped for furniture in Yogyakarta simply because I found out there are a lot of options with designs of my taste and much cheaper price than in Jakarta (where I live).

Shipping within Indonesia (in my case, from Yogyakarta to Jakarta) was a lot cheaper than most people would think. These shops send furniture (by trucks, not really ships) via cargo services along with other orders. In my case, the shipping fee was between IDR 150,000 – 300,000 per item.

“But since you live in Jakarta, wouldn’t it be cheaper if you shop in Jakarta rather than spending tickets to Yogyakarta?” my friends would ask.

Not really. I took trains, which cost me about IDR 750,000 return, and that’s way less than the millions IDR difference if I were to buy the furniture in Jakarta. That is, at least, the ones of my taste and I’ve surveyed on.

So, what kind of furniture was I specifically looking for? And where did I find this certain furniture in Yogyakarta? Read on, guys.


  1. MOOYA

furniture in Yogyakarta

Mooya showroom: quotes, sleeping Buddha, Javanese masks


My first visit was to their showroom on Imogiri Barat Street, in the south of Yogyakarta. They had a very eclectic collection, from the classic Javanese masks to the hip rustic-look wall decoration with pretentious sentences that you might see hanging in cafes.

They claim to use recycled wood, which I proved in my visit, several months later, to their office/workshop. Here, I saw quite different collection from the showroom. They were mostly furniture, not decoration, made from used container wood. The look was artistically raw, perhaps can be categorized under industrial design.

I’m not one who likes to haggle, but I had no choice because I had a very tight budget. We (Norman my friend and I) were tended by this long-haired and scruffy dude called Mas Halim, the owner and main designer of Mooya furniture. After a while, Mas Halim discovered my liking to sketch just like his. From then on, haggling became easier.

“I like meeting other artists,” he said, flattering me with the label.

furniture in Yogyakarta

The cabinet in my study. My design 🙂


I enjoyed being called an artist because then he let us design our own cabinets and gave us quite a discount that fit my budget so well! A customized cabinet that’s now sitting awesomely in my study cost me ‘only’ IDR 3,000,000 after a slow negotiation in between his guitar jamming session with another dude. He even treated us gudeg for lunch and asked my opinion on his gallery design. That’s the kind of shopping I really enjoy!

Mooya furniture and home decoration
Showroom: Jl. Imogiri Barat km 4,5 no. 37D, Yogyakarta
Office & workshop: Jl. Parangtritis km 4,5 Salakan, Sewon, Yogyakarta
Ph/f: +62 274 418 325, e-mail: marketing@mooya.biz



Located southward from the famous backpacker area Prawirotaman Street, there’s this black pyramid on the left side of the street, which is a Mediterranean-themed restaurant. Within the same court, to the right, you’ll see a wall-less shop scattered with wooden furniture. That’s the Gerai Asmindo you’d want to check.

furniture in Yogyakarta

The Pyramid is hard to miss. And what’s McBurglar doing there?


Gerai Asmindo provides various kinds of furniture and decorations, from the simple square wooden stools to carved coffee table legs with a glass top. A few of them seem to be second-hand, like the cupboard I bought, but most of them are newly made. I was lucky to spot their last boat-shaped wine cupboard that cost less than the ones I found in other stores. It was the trend last year, and I dug it. I don’t collect wine, so the cupboard is now standing pretty in my bedroom as a bookshelf.

You can have them repaint the furniture. I had mine repainted in the colors and the way I wanted, which were washed blue and washed white. They charged me about IDR 300,000 each. As for the cupboards, the boat one was IDR 1,700,000 and the other one that now becomes my main bookshelf was IDR 2,000,000.

furniture in Yogyakarta

Customized just the way I like them.
Gerai Asmindo furniture & craft
Kompleks Pyramid, Jl. Parangtritis km 5.5, Yogyakarta
Ph: +62274 8569 334, +62881 275 8693
E: geraiasmindojogja@gmail.com, website: geraiasmindo.com


  1. DESA WISATA KASONGAN (Kasongan Tourism Village)

“Isn’t that where they make pottery?” my friends’ reactions about me going to Kasongan for furniture.

“Yup. But there are also some furniture workshops and stores in Kasongan.”

Kasongan, south from the South Ringroad of Yogyakarta, is a village specialized in making pottery. I knew from my friends Bopa and Nahd that some of them also produce stylish wooden furniture.

furniture in Yogyakarta

Welcome to Kasongan Village and see the gigantic pottery, purple little Buddha, among others.


One of the stores that I visited was Toko Murah.

The name translates to Cheap Store, which is no bullshit because their items ARE cheap. They make mostly shabby chic and vintage furniture, a few are industrial. I was like a kid in a candy store but I ended up buying less than I wanted because the sizes didn’t fit my space at home or the color didn’t match.

What I bought: two side tables, one for me and one for my sister, costing IDR 250,000 each. A vintage-style cabinet that’s now dedicated for the use of my AirBnB guests, IDR 1,500,000. I failed haggling at this store, though.

The website: toko-murah.info
Phone: 0852 9087 9973 (in Indonesian), 0813 2567 9666 (in English)

furniture in Yogyakarta

Top: the items from Toko Murah now at my place.
Bottom: cute and cool furniture crammed in the small space of Toko Murah.


I also visited other stores in Kasongan but I forgot the names. There is one that sells mostly quotes decorations with lower price than the ones at Mooya. I couldn’t resist the temptation. I didn’t need it, but I came home with one for my kitchen. It was IDR 100,000 for the 31 x 45 cm piece, and the prices vary upon the sizes.

furniture in Yogyakarta

The writing’s on the wall…
  1. AMAREI Inspirational Home Deco

This one didn’t actually fit in my budget category but I have to admit they have better quality items. Most of the furniture are made of teak wood and are carpentered very neatly. If you’re designing a clean-cut home, you might want to check out Amarei.

If teak wood is too pricey for you, they can remake the furniture with other kinds of wood like mindi, and you can create a new design with them.

I knew I wasn’t going to bring home any of their items, but it took me a long time to finally not bring home the adorable teal wicker container I fell in love with and saved my IDR 180,000.

furniture in Yogyakarta

Thinking hard…which kidney should I sell to afford these items?
Amarei Inspirational Home Deco
Website: http://www.amareifurniture.com
Showroom: Jogja Center of the World, Jl. Imogiri Barat 25A, Yogyakarta.
Ph: +62 274 418671; closed on Sundays.
Factory: visit on appointment; ph: +62 274 8230 1111


  1. EPILOG furniture

If only I knew about this place earlier, I would’ve gone there first and gone crazy. Seriously, I LOVE THEIR FURNITURE! Unfortunately, my friend Jaka told me about it on my last day hunting for furniture in Yogykarta, after I got everything. I went to check it out anyway, not knowing I was heading for a regret trip!

Epilog Furniture showroom is within the same building as Epic Coffee. A warehouse-like huge building in semi-industrial style with partly unplastered wall and visible roof rafters. The kind of places where hipsters and trendy people would hang out nowadays (notice the oxymoron?). Too bad I was there when Yogyakarta was covered with the volcanic ash from Kelud Mountain, so the furniture was all dirty with ash.

furniture in Yogyakarta

Epic Coffee and Epilog Furniture in ash.


Some were made of imported oak wood, to then be carpentered in Yogyakarta and then to be exported again. These ones cost a fortune, like that IDR 8,000,000 cupboard with very cool door handles. I surveyed some furniture shops in Jakarta and this kind of price wouldn’t get you as awesome items.

There were also the mid-range ones, like the white and teal writing desk with lift-up lid that I fell so much in love with, “only” about IDR 2,200,000. And the Windsor chairs were less than IDR 1,000,000 each. I almost bought a set spontaneously until I remember the set I’ve already had at home, though not as pretty. But you can have so much furniture at home.

furniture in Yogyakarta

It would be nice to have a few houses so I’ll have enough space for all these awesome furniture!
Epilog Furniture
Website: epilog.co.id
Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar 29, Yogyakarta
Ph: +62 274 453 0704, e-mail: info@epilog.co.id


  1. CV Max

This store and workshop provides clean-cut teak wood furniture. The design is rather masculine with some edgy and industrial touch, like asymmetric table legs and the use of metal elements.

You can check out their collection on the website, but the physical store on Sugeng Jeroni Street displays more interesting and less conventional types of items. The store is located about 2.5 km northwest from Prawirotaman Street.

furniture in Yogyakarta

Simple, clean-cut, yet edgy and industrial.
CV Max
Jl. Sugeng Jeroni 2, 
Ph: +62 274 387842, E: info@cv-max.com
Website: cv-max.com


  1. Woodpecker Studio

furniture in Yogyakarta

Suddenly I wanted to replace the desk and chair I’ve had at home!


Not to be mistaken with UK’s Woodpecker Interiors, this is Woodpecker Studio with adorable furniture and decorations. Just like Epilog, it got me panicking because they have such beautiful shabby chic collection! I LOVE THEM ALL! But I hated the price, they’re like Jakarta rate, which was out of my budget.

This cute light blue cupboard was IDR 6,000,000 and the antique armchair was about IDR 1,300,000. They also sell wall clocks and upholstery among others. I brought home a cushion with two lovely floral covers for about IDR 110,000 each.

furniture in Yogyakarta

Top: Woodpecker showroom. Bottom: the cushion covers found their new home.
Woodpecker Studio
Find them on Instagram: woodpeckerstudio
E: woodpeckerdesignstudio@gmail.com, Whatsapp: +6287739223260
No website, just an FB page: http://www.facebook.com/woodpeckerstudio

This is my friend Norman’s living room’s new layout after shopping for furniture in Yogyakarta.

furniture in Yogyakarta

Picture by @normansyah. The brown chest, shelf and TV cabinet are from Mooya,
blue shelf from Kindermobel in Jepara, cushion covers and Union Jack clock from Woodpecker Studio.


So. What kind of furniture do you want your home to be filled with?

And where would you recommend your friends to buy them?


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6 years ago

Vira… Thanks!! Very useful! So delighted 🙂

6 years ago

You bought (an designed) some amazing pieces! The quality looks so great too. It would only be window shopping mostly for me, it’s hard to bring wood back to where I’m from because it’s not humid enough.


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4 years ago

Hi, very helpful post. I am planning to go to Yogyakarta to have several nice restaurant chairs made. I will bring a prototype for them to copy. Would you have any suggestions where to go? Is teak the hardest wood available? What’s your next best wood option?