Friday Photo: Kupang from the Sky

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Kupang, May 2010

I have this thing of seeing things from the sky. I love the different view of what we see on land to what we see in from the sky.

Some of you might already know that I love Kupangs dry scenery. But not a lot of people have the same likings as I do, of course. They consider it too dry, not entertaining, and boring.

So, I present to you Kupang bay from the sky. It’s a sight that you can enjoy while coming in to the city by plane.  I think it’s a great view and probably can change your point of view for this southern city. And I leave you to enjoy it for a while, who knows, looking at it for a while might make you want to see it for yourself.

Travel Indonesia: Kupang

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7 years 5 months ago
The Lavalon Bar in Kupang is the top place to get recent inofimatron about travel in West Timor and other islands including Sabu , Rote , Sumba , Lembata , Alor , Komodo , and Rinca . Other travelers passing through have interesting tales as well. I met a Swiss couple a few years ago (maybe 2006) that came all the way from Switzerland to Kupang by motorbike. They felt that riding through the mountains of Pakistan was the most beautiful part of the trip. Later I met Linda a strong lady that rode her bike all the way from… Read more »