Friday Photo : The other side of Bali Tourism

Submitted by mumunmumun on 23 September 2010   •  Destination   •  Bali

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Here is another side of Bali tourism. Tulamben, Bali is well known as a dive site where we can see the Liberty wreck. It’s so famous that there could be about 200 divers at the wreck at one time. This woman is part of the business. Locals must reduce the amount of fishing they do within the area to maintain the amount of fish entertaining the divers. In return for their livelihood, they carry oxygen tanks and BCDs for the visiting divers. I’m sure their necks are getting weaker considering they can bring 2 full tanks at once, however it’s how they carry anything anyways including market goods etc. The bright side is that the reefs are stronger since the food chain will remain… but only if the divers apply reef friendly behavior, of course.

Travel Indonesia: Bali

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