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I’ve been hearing a lot about this hotel. Initially, I heard it to be a green-concept hotel. It’s been written in the past that this hotel applies green living and policies, so I’ve jotted it down on my list of places to stay in Yogyakarta. Little did I know, the hotel has also been well designed following the currently trending industrial look, making it attractive to a lot of artsy people, including ‘Instagram-ers’ that have an eye of beautiful minimalist interior. So far, it has been the particulate hotel in Yogyakarta for creative people. So, this accommodation is gaining popularity for the two main reasons, but here’s my review on the Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta.

Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta


As I’ve said, this hotel is growing popularity, including on Instagram. The minimalist interior has been shared often on social media. Personally, I like their interior. No forced decorations and just basic needs. I like it when my stuff lies around making things a little more realistic living-area because it has a strong industrial feel to it. With a background plain and simple, it becomes nice with the touch of my more-colorful stuff. There are several types of room interior, but with a silver lining of minimalist decor.

 Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta

On the other hand, what I realized is that this interior is about saving energy for maintenance. The wall-size window assures that you wouldn’t need lights on during the day. The minimum amount of cabinets and plastered floor reduces the amount of vacuuming. Minibars, also for my case, are a waste of energy, as I will never pay for a snack twice as much as the store next door. So, no minibar at all. The growing lemongrass outside the window is said to repel mosquitos, less use of chemical repellents. All the wood for furniture are taken from recycled cargo wood. Aakk! I can go on and on with the green list of Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta.

Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta - the masculine room

As a fan, white sheets are necessary no matter how hard it is to wash them. So, thank God the hotel maintained that. The bed itself is made of two single beds. Sometimes the beds are separated and sometimes they are brought together to make a king size bed. Their whole bed, mattress protection and quilt are really really comfortable.

The bathroom is spacious and has a white tone. The exhaust is just a form of small ventilation on the wall. Toiletries smell nice of rice and lemongrass. Hmm! *nostalgic sniff*


Green Concept of Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta

The building of Greenhost Hotel is simple. It’s a rectangular building with rooms lined on its sides facing inside, leaving an open space in the middle. The transparent roof lets in a lot of sunlight during the day, saving much electricity. Hallways aren’t cooled with AC, but the open airways provide much breeze and circulation. Surprisingly, it stays cool within the hotel, compared to outside.

 Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta - lobby with pool

Rails of hallways are decorated with hydroponic plants, those that are edible and used in the resident kitchen. The food is so good! I want to recommend the salmon but I have to admit, it’s not environmentally friendly having it in Indonesia! At night, you can hear the water trickling through the pipes. I saw some lettuce, water spinach and herbs. On the rooftop, a long line of hydroponic installation also fills the space, side by side with the meeting and common rooms. From this same roof, a tap can activate a man-made rain that falls on the pool in the middle of the building; a pool that is filtered using the traditional 7 layer natural filters. Man-made rain is for authorized people only, by the way. I haven’t tried to swim in the pool but I’m sure I’ll come back to do so.

Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta - hydrophonics

If green isn’t enough, Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta supports the arts with art installations and mini exhibitions in the common area, adding pleasant aesthetics to the hotel. Soon, a co-working space!


Love Or Hate It

They say, you either love it or hate it. There’s a fine line between fans and non-fans of the hotel. Conceptually, I love the hotel. With tourism putting some stress on local carrying capacity, hotels with green concepts become my option to compensate the consequences of my travels. The simple space and the design feel just right for me. Although things don’t look too finished, with door handles unfastened properly and sink leaking just a bit, I can live with it.

 Greenhost Hotel Halls

Others might not prefer the uber modern look, as it’s far from traditional homey atmosphere that they expect from a hotel in Yogyakarta. Sounds from the lobby also penetrate the room if there’s a bit of laughter around. If there’s none, it’s a silent place with normal amount of sound such as people pulling their luggage and people talking in the hallway. However, without carpets and all, echoing is more than anticipated. Hallways aren’t the best for children if you don’t attend to them as there is space in the railways, and the pipes for hydroponic aren’t made of steel. However, I think it’s a nice accommodation for children to be closer to a green life.



On location, it’s on Prawirotaman II, the artsy part of town and close to bars, nice restaurants, and antique stores. It’s close to some of the nicest places to work and hang out. I like it.

Overall, I personally recommend the Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta as a great stay and on my recommended list of hotels in Yogyakarta City. But again, it’s about preference. If you’ve stayed at this hotel, what do you think about it?

Greenhost Hotel Yogyakarta

Prawirotaman II No. 629 Brontokusuman

Yogyakarta – Indonesia 55153

Phone:+62274 389 777

Fax:+62274 388 877



Twitter: @greenhosthotel

They also have their own app.


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5 years ago

wondering what kind of laundry detergent that they use 🙂

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yuki anggia putri
5 years ago

aaah, aku mau ke Jogjaaaa!

btw, terakhir ke Prawirotaman kok gak liat tempat ini, ya? hmmm…