Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel: Old Transforming into Modernity

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I had a chance to visit the Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel not too long ago. Last time I visited was for a friend’s wedding, who now has a child in primary school. I did like the hotel, but didn’t have much reason to stay as I was a resident of Cimahi, the suburb of Bandung. During my last visit, I was pretty stunned with the make over, very different to what it used to look like, despite I can’t remember that either. But the ambiance was different, that I remember. So, speaking of this hotel, turns out there’s more to it than just another ordinary hotel.

Grand Royal Panghegar has been operating since 1961. For a hotel, it’s surely not the new kid on the block, but it doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the other newer hotels. From the outside, it’s definitely got a new face with a blue glass façade. Although some skyscrapers are also emerging within the area, the blue building is still a sight. Entering the lobby you wouldn’t guess that it’s been that long considering the modern feel slightly dominating the thick traditional nuance will be there.

Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel

Situated in the downtown of Bandung next to Jalan Braga and Bandung Indah Plaza, Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel offers a relative strategic location. I never realy realized this, until my bos, that had to stay there for the night, asked about the hotel. Visitors can simply reach various popular tourist objects in Bandung including Braga Road and Bandung Great Cathedral, or branch out to Alun or Dago area. Because it’s in Bandung, no where is too far, including the airport which is only 4 km from the airport. Great option for travelers who want to enjoy a great stay, with a little bit of luxury, while in Bandung.

I recently knew that the Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel has a new building section called New Wing which is filled with condotels. Apparently, this type of accommodation is becoming popular in Bandung. I can totally understand it, considering Bandung is that yummy city that I always want to stay a little longer. Like any condo accommodations, a little pantry is available in the room to give the opportunity for the guests to spoil themselves, not necessarily with cooking but to reheat all the good food that they takeaway earlier or have delivered. Bandung has a lot of good food!

As for the view, as a kid I kinda despised sky scrappers within the city. It just didn’t belong. But, once I had an experience of seeing the elevated suburbs of Bandung I have to admit, skyscrapers give a delicious view. At night, guests are able to see sparkling lights elevated up the surrounding mountains. The rooms, and the condotel’s higher located rooms, has exactly this to offer. In a distance, guests can see the view of a line of mountain.

Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel

There are tons of great facilities to ease one’s stay at Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel including laundry service, non-stop room service, concierge, and coffee shop. To name some of the great spots to relax in the hotel, guests can try outdoor pool, hot tub, spa, massage service, and children club. Free high-speed Wi-Fi, restaurant, and also ATM are also available. Inside the room, guests can find big flat screen TVs, tea and coffeemaker, and safety box. In the bathroom, bathtub and shower are offered as well. Would you expect anything less, especially for a property that have condotels?

During my visit, I was there for a work thing, and they held it in one of the ball rooms. As a reputable hotel, the ballroom was as a ballroom should be, although I think the event occupied a small one. There was a wedding held in another, which pretty much says there’s more room and they’re ready to cater.

Oh, and the have a pool. Cherry on top.

My boss was pretty happy with her stay, she was happy to upgrade to another room which could facilitate smokers. Balcony. Not a smoker, but I probably do the same if I had the same dough. She woke up fresh the next morning and delivered a great talk at the event, which pretty much says that the say was delightful or she’s just that good.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions were all mine.

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