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“Please find a hotel in Seminyak, that’s less than IDR 2,500,000 for us for 2 night,” my sister texted  me. Hmm. A family vacation means me turned a travel agent. So this kind of request was expected, yet difficult. My sister is a perfectionist and the task itself is already a challenge. 5 adults (my parents, my sister, her husband and me) plus my 2 y.o. niece and 5 y.o. nephew, each with different needs, interests and energy, in comfortable and homey enough accommodation, with quite a limited budget. *wiping nervous sweat* After browsing and browsing and asking around, I finally had a strong candidate: Grandmas Hotel Seminyak.

My sister checked the hotel’s website and she agreed.


grandmas hotel in seminyak

Grandmas Hotel Seminyak – Overview

As Seminyak already seems so crowded, Grandmas Hotel appears to be tightly sandwiched between buildings. But when you’re inside this semi open-air hotel, you’ll see the establishment takes more space than it appears from outside. It’s got a simple design, and the dominant light wooden color makes it feel spacious. It made me feel that we’ve paid a reasonable price for our rooms and service, considering it’s located in Seminyak that’s known to be a bit pricey, at least compared to Kuta.

The Rooms

There are about 120 rooms spread in 5 floors. You don’t have much room type option at Grandmas Hotel Seminyak because, well, they only have one type of room, which is the Cozy Double / Twin Bed. The room design is in line with the whole concept, light wooden and lime green. The (more or less) 4×5 meters square room doesn’t give much space to move around if it’s occupied by 2 people, but it’s enough for a queen bed, a small desk, a bedside table, a single column wardrobe, a flat screen TV with international channels, a safe deposit and a bathroom with shower.

grandmas hotel in seminyak

If you’re staying at Grandmas Hotel Seminyak, remember to bring your own toiletries because it’s not provided other than shampoo and liquid soap. I asked for a shower cap, willing to pay for it, but the staff said, “I’m sorry, we don’t have any.” Okay.

The room rate when I booked it in August 2013 was IDR 330,000 / room / night, exclude breakfast.

There are double rooms and triple rooms at Grandmas Hotel in Legian, with a slightly more expensive rate.

The Hotel Facilities

In the lobby and restaurant area there’s a small swimming pool. It’s so small, they might’ve meant to build a jacuzzi. A circular stairs from the restaurant leads to a space where they hold occasional events. I like how the restaurant is located in the front and has a street and garden view, so the air feels fresh and there’s an added entertainment to dining, as simple as watching people go by. The menu is a mix of Indonesian and western food.

grandmas hotel in seminyak

The De Nyuh spa & salon is on the 5th floor, open from 9 am to 9 pm. Having a bit spare time before checking out, my sister and I went for a massage. She went for a 30 minutes foot reflexology and I a back massage. We’re both satisfied with the massage, the massage rooms were cozy, the staff was friendly, and the prices are quite cheap compared with many other spas in Bali: IDR 50,000 for each of our treatments. Woohoo!

grandmas hotel in seminyak

For those who have (or maybe like) to bring work when traveling, a good wifi connection is provided. Updating posts on Instagram, Twitter, blogs, 4square, tumblr, Facebook and god knows what else can be done instantly without having to refill credits.

The Service

Since booking via phone until checking out, I always got polite responses from the staff. However, possibly due to the lack of staff number, sometimes they skip the basic but important things. One morning I was in the shower, and realized that the shampoo container was empty. When we asked for forks via intercom, the waiter was a no show. I had to pick them up myself in the restaurant. Breakfast starts at 7 am, but sometimes there are menus that aren’t ready until 8 or later. Some of the waiters seemed clueless, I had to repeat my questions to make it clear with him. A simple question of “So, what’s available?” was answered with pointing the menus that were UNavailable. *palmface*

Overall rating: 7/10

The service was a bit slow and clueless at the time I was there, but considering the facilities, location and price, I wouldn’t mind staying at Grandmas Hotel Seminyak again. I’d just prepare myself a little more patience and toiletries.

Grandmas Hotel Seminyak is located on:
Jalan Camplung Tanduk 99, Seminyak. Phone: +62 361 3000 599
Other branches, also in Bali, are located on:
Jalan Sriwijaya 368, Legian
Jalan Raya Kuta 88D, Kuta
And soon to open in Ngurah Rai area.
Website for all of the branches:

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7 years ago

Service is poor seems like, then i wont stay here 🙂