Beautiful Highlights of Banda Neira Journey, Maluku

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Just haven’t got the time to write about my latest journey, so in the mean time, I’ll post some highlights of Banda Neira trip. Enjoy!

Journey to Banda Neira

Pelni boat that only makes a 2-hour stop at Banda Neira. In that limited amount of time, passengers rush to come on and off  with their goods on to floating taxis. The rush is a sight to see.

Hammerhead Banda Neira

The hammerhead shark might just be my favorite pelagic fish. It’s so graceful and beautiful. It’s a blessing to see it swimming so closely.

Diving is highlights of Banda Neira

Diving Banda Neira is like swimming in an aquarium. It’s exactly like the scene from Finding Nemo movie. Heart!

Banda Neira diving

Countless fishes.

Banda Neira water

This is how surface interval should be enjoyed.

Nailaka Island

Life is a beach.

Bat cave, Banda Neira

Awesome bat cave. The structure of the rock left me in awe.

Run Island from far

Village on Run Island. Humble. On the contrary, it’s exchange island, Manhattan, is well developed.

Banda Besar Island

Gunung Api is a sight for sore eyes. Glad I climbed it once.

Nutmeg and tropical almond plantation

Nutmeg and tropical almond plantation. It’s such a beautiful place.

Local Banda people after Cakalele dance

Proud father. It’s a huge honour for the family once a member has the chance to dance the Cakalele Dance. Iqbal, the father, showed that he was just that.

Sunset at Banda NeiraAnother afternoon in Banda Neira. Oh, how I always end up with the blues.

So stay tuned for the whole story, not just the highlights of Banda Neira, and also the trip to Tanimbar Kei that was done with this one. Oh so many stories and information to share. YAY!

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