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Spas in Bali

Traveling can get very tiring, but most of the time it’s nothing a massage and aromatherapy can’t fix. Like the Greek soldiers back from the battlefield and treated with sulphurous spring baths, travelers too could use such soothing treatment. So it’s no wonder that Bali, a traveler’s haven, is packed with spas that offer indulgence.

I doubt most spas nowadays utilize the spring water, but the ones that I’ve tried were never disappointing in the body massage and facial department, both the complementary and fully-paid ones. Here are a few spas in Bali that I’ve tried:


  1. Taman Air Spa, Kuta

Spas in Bali


Located on the mundane Sunset Road, Taman Air Spa welcomes you with cool and relaxing tosca and bamboo elements in the reception area. The staff immediately greets you friendly, and they let you choose the massage oil to be used.

I’ve been there twice, but I forgot the massage menu I chose. All I remember is that the masseuses massaged me just right, from head to toe. Not too hard, not too soft. Then a hot water bath in swirl pool followed.

A cup of hot herbal drink or tea was served in the café area afterwards. The combination of tosca and white of the drapery and sofa, lighted by yellowish lamp all, added more warmth in the ambience. I felt so relaxed, if I could sleep there and then, I would!

Taman Air Spa
Sunset Road 88, Kuta, Bali
+62 361 894 7300
+62 361 894 7301,


  1. Karma Spa, Karma Kandara Resorts, Ungasan

Spas in Bali


One of the perks of being a travel writer is definitely getting to try a spa service for free. I wouldn’t normally spend lots of bucks for spa, but if I was loaded, I think I would go for the spa at Karma Kandara. By far, it’s the one with most gorgeous location setting for me, and the massage was great.

As I had written about it in this post, the service was done in a room located on a cliff with a window facing the ocean, which for me, is the winning feature. I was given the 90-minute Karma Well Being Treatment, which was a mix of Balinese, Swedish and Thai massages. Isn’t that something?

As if that isn’t enough, you can opt for a treatment right at the beach, near the Karma Beach Bali, formerly named Nammos Beach Club. I can imagine right now, falling asleep to the relaxing massage, the wave sound, and the wind blowing softly… Total contentment!

Karma Kandara
Jl. Villa Kandara Banjar, Wijaya Kusuma, Ungasan
Email :
Phone : +62 361 8482202



  1. Tea Tree Spa, Holiday Inn Baruna, Tuban

Spas in Bali


Situated by the South Kuta beach, Tea Tree Spa offers treatments in a beach hut as well as in the spa building nearby. Just like any other spa treatment I’ve had, this one offers the same relaxing massage, friendly (or more to polite) service from the staff and hygiene.

The spa is within Holiday Inn Baruna, but you don’t have to be the hotel’s guest to have their spa treatment. Being located only about 10 minutes drive from the airport, it can be handy when you feel like getting massaged before traveling in the long haul.

If you’re with kids and still want that me-time at the spa, don’t worry, they have treatments for kids up to 12 years old as well.

Tea Tree Spa
At Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali
Jalan Wana Segara 33 Tuban

Tel: +62-361-755577
  1. De Nyuh Spa, Grandmas Hotel, Seminyak

spas in Bali

Unlike the previous three, De Nyuh is one of the many low price spas in Bali. Even though it’s within the budget Grandmas Hotel Seminyak, I still find IDR 50,000 for a 30-minute back massage is really cheap (price from October, 2013). Nonetheless, the massage was of the same quality with the others. Only, you don’t get a room with a view here.

Being located in the Seminyak area, where shop-hopping can be done very close to the hotel, then the spa here is totally recommended. What can end a shopping spree better than a massage, right?

Grandmas Hotel Seminyak
Jalan Camplung Tanduk 99, Seminyak
Phone: +62 361 3000 599


  1. Suma Spa

spas in Bali

I visited this spa recommended by Spavista, a recommended site dedicated to meet your search for the best spa and treatment center to meet your needs. Spas can be located by name, location, or treatment that you’re looking for. I chose Suma Spa, and based on my experience, Spavista knows their stuff.

Suma Spa looked really fancy with a nice ambiance of cream and brown. I’m predicting it’s trying to bring back nature into the relaxing experience. I had a facial treatment because I just got a massage a few days beforehand. Surprisingly, I still had to use a robe as their treatment still includes a relaxing smell-good foot wash and a neck and shoulder massage.

I really really enjoyed their facial treatment as it used natural handmade ingredients. The smell of their products was very soothing. I particularly loved the ambiance of the place with each treatment room being spacious and dim-lit. It was a different to most spa places with dense cubicles and you could hear your neighbors being ploughed out. Great for a snooze with a snore!

Suma Spa
Fontana Bali Hotel
Jalan Dewi Sri No 68, Kuta


spas in Bali

A little note on the side, Balinese massages are the art of touch and pressure straightening the crooked veins and muscles in our bodies. To many, including Mumun, massages in Indonesia are awesome in general (while I personally would prefer reflexology or Thai massage) and are relatively cheap. All the ingredients to the massage oil and herbs are in our backyard! US$ 30 can get you a fancy place with awesome treatments, though in some places the average for a package would be US$ 50 or more. It’s something I recommend you to experience while you’re in Bali after visiting temples and getting the right tan.

Of course, massages are hit-and-miss experience, hence this post. But we happened to ask PergiDulu, Indonesian-Australian bloggers, of their recommendation and they prefer Jari Menari in Seminyak, for their strong deep massages. Kenny of @Kartupos, an Indonesian travel savvy who’s been all over the world, would suggest Maya Ubud for their foot reflexology by the river.

All in all, Bali offers so many spa options. Make sure you put that into your considerations when planning an itinerary in Bali.

What is your favorite spa treatment? Or if you’ve tried the spas in Bali, which one is your favorite?

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Firsta | Discover Your Indonesia

I never thought to go to spa or get massage so much because I would end up giggling or laughing hard. I find it very ticklish when people touch me on the leg. BUT Karma Spa looks pretty tempting though. Btw, you guys look very cute in the last picture!