Small Surprises at Kiluan Bay, Lampung

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Finally I got to realize my roadtrip plan to the Kiluan Bay of Lampung province. The main attraction that my friend Jaka and I looked for was the dolphins at the Hindi Ocean. But before I share the whole details and practical info of the trip in a few weeks, lemme tell you some of the surprising things that lit up my trip 😀

* A lumadang fish. A boatman caught this about 1 meter-long fish for our dinner at Kiluan Bay. Contrary to the title of this post, this was the hugest and heaviest dinner I’ve ever seen!

Travel Indonesia - Kiluan Bay, Lampung

* Been almost a year since I last got cuts from coral reefs. They’re a pain when I shower, the one at the bottom of my foot even got me limping for a while, but I consider them as souvenirs from my snorkeling trips. A free one at it!

* A biawak was caught and tied to a tree by some locals, only a few meters from our lodge. Nothing compared to its gigantic relative, komodo, but this is big for a biawak. And the growling was rather scary! And to think that the forest surrounding our lodge houses lots and lots of biawak,… euugh…well, I chose not think about it so I could sleep well at night.

travel Indonesia - Kiluan Bay, Lampung

* Sharing a cottage – which was the only one on the Kiluan Bay – with a friendly and kind family from Jakarta and Lampung. The politics and casual talk (or rather gossip) at and after dinner was interesting! Now I know why the road to Kiluan is awefully bumpy! Grrrrhh..!!

* I got stung by a bee! Boy, was I scared. Thank God for the “minyak tawon” (bee oil) the other guests gave me, the sting didn’t swell too big and the pain vanished in a wee bit.

*  I had my first experience of falling off of a motorbike. (Now don’t tell my mother about this one.) Thank God it wasn’t bad I could still laugh the second I hit the muddy road cos I bet I looked stupid. Good thing (or is it too bad?) Jaka didn’t have a camera ready to snap a picture of me on the ground. But the scenery and the destination beach were all worth the fall and the bumpy ride!

travel Indonesia - Kiluan Bay, Lampung

* On our way back to Jakarta, when we were waiting for our “otak-otak” (a special dish from Lampung and south Sumatra), turns out durians were sold at the next door. So there were we, having the king of fruits as breakfast. A whole fruit for the two of us. *Burp* .. sorry. (I know Mumun must feel a nausea just imagining this.. she’s weird being a durian-hater Indonesian. Have you read this?)

travel Indonesia - Kiluan Bay, Lampung

Overall, it was a very good trip for me. I got to visit my Dad in Bandar Lampung and all. But with all the trip stories and info we have lining up to upload, we’re gonna have to let you wait for a couple of weeks for the complete details of this trip. Don’t worry, we’ll get there before you know it! 😀




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