Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur – A Blissful Weekend in Bali (part 2)

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Remember our last post on Bali? I’ve probably made you guys drool and fantasize about traveling in Bali, but I’m sorry I just can’t stop! There is so much to tell about the trip. But don’t worry, by the end of this post I will let you know a way to end a travel in Bali blissfully 😀

Bliss Wayan Hotel - swimming pool and the lazy chair

Le Jardin Boutique Villas

A visit to Le Jardin Boutique Villas came next. This is an even more high-end accommodation with each villa consisted of 2 or 3 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

Villa in Seminyak Bali - Le Jardin

Le Jardin Boutique Villa - the bathroom

Having rarely exposed to such luxury, I was most awed by… *drumroll* the bathrooms!! The meaning of Le Jardin, French for The Garden, manifested perfectly even in the bathrooms, which were spacious, natural and fabulous. I wouldn’t even mind staying in the bathroom! Just throw me some pillows and breakfast in bed..err..bath. Bowo the Travel Junkie suggested that we should all take baths there (not altogether, you pervs) and we all agreed. Unfortunately Alfi wouldn’t let us 🙁

Berry Hotel and Bliss Wayan Hotel

The other two accommodations under Avilla management were the Berry Hotel and Bliss Wayan Hotel, in which we spent a night at each. Berry Hotel is located in Kuta, but a bit far from the beach. Luckily the swimming pool was open until midnight, so we could soak up before a good night sleep.

Berry Hotel in Kuta Bali

Berry Hotel was a very nice and comfy place to stay, but Bliss Wayan Hotel was my favorite. Located 15 minutes walk away from Legian Beach, it’s the first surf themed hotel in the vicinity. Murals of surfer dudes hitting the waves, surfboards planted on sandy poolside area and hanging from ceilings, there’s no guessing what kind of crowd they’re targeting.

The details that really caught my attention were the rustic painted doors and the lazy rattan chairs that let your feet soaked in the pool. But on top of that, what I really dig about Bliss Wayan Hotel is they have wave sound playing nonstop from the speakers in the hallways. You could hear the wave sound even from the bedroom when it’s quiet outside. I personally have a habit of playing wave or rain sound from my computer at home just to help me sleep. I felt like Bliss Wayan really understood me..*teary eyes*

Bliss Wayan Hotel - front Bliss Wayan Hotel - lobby


Taman Air Spa for Relaxation

What is Bali without activities on the beach? I mean, people, c’mon! Get with the mainstream! Don’t be such emo vampires and be afraid of the glaring sun! *stashing my high school photo albums* A session with Rip Curl School of Surf was arranged by Alfi at the Sanur beach. The next day, Taman Air Spa pampered our tired muscles with 1,5 hour Balinese massages.

We got to choose one out of 4 or 5 different massage oils. I chose the relaxing oil because I liked the smell best, mildly minty and not too strong. Was I relaxed after the massage? You bet. I fell asleep in the session and I could hardly feel my bones when walking back to the lobby! I’m telling you, getting a spa treatment is no doubt a flawless way to end a holiday. And the whole trip was one of the most blissful holidays I’ve ever been 🙂

Taman Air Spa - our VIP Massage Room

What to do in Bali - Taman Air Spa

* The whole trip was a complementary from Avilla Hospitality Management and the opinions are all my own.

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