Lingal Beach, Alor Island – Another White Sand Indonesian Beach

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In a recent discussion Vira and I had, also with a few avid Indonesian travelers, we talked about where we preferred to travel. In between it all, we kinda had a rough conclusion that we’ve shifted in finding perfect beaches since it’s hard to distinguish one beach from another in Indonesia, just because there are so many of them that are somewhat similar. If you’re talking about white sandy beach with clear water, well, a stop to a random island in east Indonesia, can easily bring you to that perfect tropical paradise. The same case happened when I tried to describe Lingal Beach, Alor Island.

Lingal Beach Alor

Due to circumstances, we had to leave a little late in the day to come back late that afternoon. During the time, this was the opposite of the best time. Local fishermen and the boatmen did strongly advice us to travel from the early morning and come back during noon, so we wouldn’t have to sail against the current. Hence, we had to struggle a bit to really make it to Lingal Beach.

Lingal Beach is still located on Alor Island, but it’s more of a struggle traveling by land than it is by sea. Since there were only four of us, we could rent a small boat that could take us there. The boat rental was about IDR1,000,000, a price that we didn’t negotiate as we were on a ‘special detour’. I think you could rent it for far less, something about IDR 800,000, which I think I heard in a glimpse. The trip to Lingal Beach took about 2 hours, which could be less considering we were going against the current.

Travel to Ling Al Beach

Happy kids to Ling Al Beach

Crisp water of Alor Island

View to Ling Al Beach

Closer view of the island

Traveling with new mates and a photographer

The journey to get to Lingal Beach was spectacular. The water changed from time to time with different kind of blues. Although we were divers, I think we were still happy kids just seeing the gradation change from dark to light over and over again. The dry land that seemed to emerge from the sea was covered in thin grass. The green of the grass contrasted well with the blue of the ocean and sky.

When arriving at the beach, it was a perfect light blue water coming up to white sand beach. Lingal Beach was a long stretch of super soft sand within a bay. The water was clear and temperature just below my comfort zone but good enough to enjoy. Crisp! The sun was shining and there was really nothing more that we could ask for, especially with lunch packed and munched on the beach. We were pretty lazy to climb up the rock to its signature spot to get a better view of the beach. I think we were that bunch that has seen more than a few great beaches to take pictures of and were happy just to sit and talk.

Ling Al Beach, Alor Island

Happy beach boy in Alor

Arriving on Ling Al Beach, Alor

Perfect beach colors

I was pretty happy too at Ling Al Beach

I guess, when you have the same kinda destination (in this case, a perfect beach), the other factors makes the experience worthwhile. Aside to the awesome weather, I had an interesting bunch of travel mates. Eaz and Acionk were beach boys by heart and soul. Laid back, adventurous boys that had been friends through free diving and a few other ventures. As much as they took photos as assigned to them, they didn’t forget to enjoy the trip. Genuine talk with locals, friendly and fun. Unggul, our assigned photographer (yep, it was a special trip), was also easy going and learning about traveling far and off the itinerary, along the way with no complaints. Marlon was our guide appointed by Om Kris, owner of our homestay, and he was up for anything we needed. Talkative and informative too.

Jumpin around Ling Al Beach

Boys will be boys

Eaz with local kids

Pictures with locals from nearby village

Unggul our photographer

Still jumpin around Ling Al Beach

Last swim of the trip to Alor

Heading home to KalabahiThe ending day to Ling Al Beach

Even on the way home, the boys still wanted to take a last dip. They didn’t care that the water was starting to get cold. It was just a perfect afternoon. I’m very lucky to have traveled with them and shared their enthusiasm for the sea. It was just one of those days that the universe was in our favor.

There are a lot of perfect beaches in the world. Drop a comment to which one you think is yours and why. It could be our next destination.


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Kang Alee
5 years ago

Selalu amazing

5 years ago

wow.. what a gorgeous pristine island! Actually you’re right – most of the beaches in Indonesia are similar, in that they are all gorgeous anyway! I guess u guys are blessed and lucky that way! Just enjoy it 😀 LOL