Majapahit Hotel, Surabaya – Our First Crime

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Majapahit Hotel is an old Dutch remain and is a significant historical landmark in Indonesia. In September 1945, there was an incident of tearing the bottom part of Dutch flag making it our nation’s flag that happened on the rooftop of this hotel, thus the Majapahit Hotel appear on every history book in school. We thought we’d visit the … cafe slash lobby because… well, it’s historical and the rooms aren’t really in our budget alley.

The cafe had some pretty good beverages and cakes, but nothing impressive that I can recall.

Majapahit Hotel

Majapahit Hotel

Mom! There’s a dragon in my drink.

The hotel’s architecture itself is beautiful and well preserved with old tiles and arched pillars supporting the balcony roofs. It still had that old glamorous feeling to it and I could imagine somebody like Judy Garland spending the night there. Honestly, the best part was the bathroom. It was so cute and retro. The faucet, toilet, and handles were still from the old age. I don’t know if it was authentic or not but it looked like it was. It was a joy just to go to the loo. But it took Vira a long time to flush after her business.. So yeah, I guess it’s authentic.. LOL!

Unfortunately, we can’t use the pictures we took around the hotel. It’s prohibited to take pictures (even in blogs) unless you pay or you get permission beforehand. We did neither as we didn’t know about this. We got caught. Having a local like Lukman Simbah apparently didn’t help us stay out of legal trouble (Gee, thanks man!). This was officially our first crime in Surabaya prior to the health museum and Sloki Cafe. We did the whole sit-and-wait-for-the-security-to-interrogate thing to then just be warned. We walked out giggling like kids that just barely making detention.

Surabaya Majapahit Hotel - I think we can show you this post

I think we can show you this post near the front door. It is beautiful no less.

It was an interesting night. Did we mention that we met some Indonesian celebrities there? Khihihihi…  I say these celebs were smart to choose a retro accommodation.

The hotel is worth the visit fo sho!

Majapahit Hotel

Jl. Tunjungan (there’s no need for number, it’s so famous LOL!)

Phone: +62 31 5454 333

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6 years 10 months ago

I spent one night at the Hotel Majapahit and absolutely loved it. I think it’s my favorite in all of Indonesia. I would consider going back to Surabaya just to stay there again.

Also, I was impressed that all rooms were non-smoking rooms. This is very rare in Indonesia.