Mbalata Beach Cottages – Hideaway on Flores

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Anyone traveling for sometime would know that a little RnR (Rest and Relax) in between an RnR is quite necessary, especially if you like to spend your leisure RnR time on an independent trip and on a budget. That’s me, a big fan of RnR! Although the thrill of jumping in and out public busses, saving money on basic accommodation, and just trawling an area with all its dust and dirt is something that I seek on this raw Flores Island, a little splurge is good to precipitate all that I had past during the trip and recharge for what is to come. In the case of traveling West Flores, that’s just what I did by checking in Mbalata Beach Cottages, tucked in somewhere near Aimere, Flores.

Mbalata Beach Cottages

Mbalata Beach Cottages was a surprisingly idyllic resort located just by a vast brown sand beach. It has my favorite type of huts being wooden with high thatched roof, an open ceiling bathroom, and a balcony looking out to the beach. The sound you hear is the rumbling waves and the resident dog playing with its master. My hut had a single bed, complete with a mosquito net. Traveling with Vindhya meant extra bed. The high ceiling lets in a lot of air for circulation and reduces the heat. There’s also a garden filled with colorful flowers despite the sandy ground beneath it. What else can you want?

Mbalata beach cottages thatched huts

Mbalata Beach to yourself!

The beach in front of the cottage was pretty deserted considering it was a working day. The brown sand beach had a very flat floor creating a wide stretch of sand during low tide. The water was really clean although it wasn’t turquoise blue. A masterpiece poem would have been made, if only I was a poet or a song would have been written, if I were a songwriter. But, I’m neither. Spending a splendid relaxed time on the beach can only make me think about the hut with hot coffee waiting for me on its balcony. Need more?

Mbalata Beach

Of course, there’s more to Mbalata Beach Cottages!

They had one of the best meals I’ve tasted during the trip. I remember gobbling on their fish dish and it was delicious to every single fragile bone it had. The tomatoes were spectacular, they must have put something in it to taste so fresh and delicious. I remember Vindhya and I not being able to finish the fish since it was so big. I gobbled the delicious eggplant dish greedy, it had me panting for air, as my stomach was too full. They guaranteed that the food were MSG free and really healthy. The cook, a young lady, had learned to cook in Europe taken by the generous owner, Om Frans, who is a local Flores man. However, the price of each meal is a whopping IDR 80,000. I wish it was cheaper, but it’s a take it or leave it kinda price. There weren’t any food stalls anywhere near. Considering the food was really good, it was easier to suck up to the circumstances.

Mbalata Beach Cottages - the good food

There are other things you can do in the area and can be arranged by the staff such as fishing, visiting other less known traditional villages, and trek the island. For me, it was to sleep in for a day. There’s not much more to say about the cottages but it was the right preparation for the journey to come, which was Wae Rebo. This cottage is less than one km from the main road. A sign is up to let you know the turn you need to take to get to the cottage. You’ll probably need a private vehicle to get there conveniently, unless you would prefer to walk. It’s a pot of gold on the end anyways, should you choose to walk.

All in all, a recommended accommodation, guys!

Mbalata Beach Cottages - the view from the balcony

Mbalata Beach Cottages

Price: IDR 350,000 / cottages.

Waelengga, 10 km from Aimere, Flores.

Contact: Fransisco (+62) 081 338 576 320.

You might enjoy reading about the nearest city to Mbalata Beach: Ruteng. 

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Illia and Nastia
6 years ago

This is a perfect place for couples like us! Thanks for a review!

4 years ago

do have an idea how i could book in advance the place?
We will fly friday and plan to be around 10. May
happy to hear from you,