A Mexican-Like Hotel in Kupang: La Hasienda

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It was a mix between a Mexican interior with a splash of Gaudi’s Park Guell. In one glance, we decided we would try the La Hasienda Hotel. No, it’s not a typo. It’s an Indonesian twist to the usual la hacienda spelling of the Mexican house. La Hasienda stood out like a sore thumb amongst the city’s surrounding and was a surprising nice hotel in Kupang. It has a unique décor from top to bottom, inside and out. My friends and I had decided to stay a night, while transiting in this city back in 2015. Did I like it? Si Senor, me gusta La Hasienda! Andale!!!

Kupang hotel La Hasienda


La Hasienda’s Location

La Hasienda is located not too far from the airport or just about a 5-minute drive. This area is more dry and arid, which compliments the hotel. It enriched my imagination of how a Mexican house would be like. While there might be a lot of cactuses’ and tumbleweeds surrounding a Mexican house, this Mexican-like house is surrounded by dry grass. Same-same but different?

This location might not be convenient considering it’s a bit far from Kupang city center, but most part of the city isn’t within walking distance anyways. Either way you’ll take the public transport or need a transport device that can take you around the city or to the outskirts attraction, such as Tablolong Beach and Crystal Cave.



It’s relatively small. Our room at the time was just a little larger than the twin beds. It still had  space for a table and bags in the corner. But what it lacks in space, it gains in décor. The walls of the room were this odd orange with blurry spots. It didn’t help make the room spacious but it was quirky, which was a nice change to the usual bright-colored-predictable-white walls. Then, a light blue sink in the corner. As odd as that sound, the blue worked with the orange. It had a dim-kinda ambiance but suitable for a hotel room, where you would just rest. Also, AC! Two letters that mean a lot in these parts of the country.

Kupang hotel La Hasienda

Kupang hotel La Hasienda

The bathroom was western and surprisingly spacious, with a shower and a sitting toilet. It also had hot water. Not that you need it in such a hot area, but it might come in handy. I like that they placed the sink outside of the bathroom. It’s more convenient that way, especially if you need time to look purrty, to shave, or just brush your teeth.

Each room had a small porch in front of the main window. It would be a nice place to smoke or just enjoy a more spacious view.

kupang hotel la hasienda


There are a few dining areas. The main restaurant was located on the second floor. It was a nice common area with an eclectic collection of Mexican decorations. Saddles, colorful cloths, horse shoes, and a whole arrangement that I associate with Mexico, from movies and TV, of course. The breakfast was alright, nothing too special. I did only taste last parts of a buffet with fried rice and sunny side ups, but the taste was so so. Seemed like there were more options. However, they had a few ala carte menus that were particularly nice. Unfortunately, I can’t quite recall anything else than their yummy meat pies. Meat. Pies. In Kupang. Golly!

Kupang hotels

They also have a dining area which double as the reception area. This area was a clean white facade and had a nice open-air feeling, though a bit crowded with group check-ins. I put my money on their roof top. It’s an open-space bar that wasn’t finished at the time but can be used for a good relaxing time. The end of the sitting room was roofless and viewed straight to the west, where the sun set. With east Indonesia’s reputation for beautiful sunsets, this was the money spot.

Watching the sunset in Kupang

Wifi is available but only in the lobby area. I can’t recall if they had connection in the dining area.

Your stay comes with a free pick-up and drop-off service to and from the airport. Convinient, especially since you’re more likely to take a flight to Kupang. Aside to that, the hotel can help you find transport for daily use, including motorcycles/ojek along with its driver.

Supposedly, a pool was to be ready during 2016, but confirmation will follow.


La Hasienda Ambiance

Aside to the rooms and the standard necessities of a hotel, I really liked La Hasienda for its ambiance. It’s such fresh air to the whole Kupang accommodation scene with clean and modern designed look. There were so many details all over the hotel that were fun to see. La Hasienda was full of color and mosaic ceramic work, spread within and outside of its walls. The decoration even followed to the reading corners that were tucked between the rooms, which looked cozy and I would definitely have used if I had more time there.

The outside was no less beautiful. La Hasienda has meticulous Instagrammable walls. From the plant-covered walls to its mosaic ceramic walls, everything was thought out. During my stay, I even saw the process of placing each ceramic piece on an unfinished wall. Unnecessary, yet so commendable! I’ve been told that it also takes patient workers to do this job, which are very rare in Kupang. I can’t recall exactly whether the worker was from outside of Kupang or not.

hotel in Kupang

And the owners, a half German half Kupang family, are really nice and friendly. The father, Michael, always took the time to have a chat whenever he was free. He was friendly, a little friendlier than Germans I know. He must have been ‘Indonesia-ed’. The mother, Yetty, had less time with the children and all. But she was around for asking.

I’ve spent time in Kupang City, transiting for my old job. From experience, I’ve recommended Sylvia Hotel for midrange and Maliana Hotel for low budget hotels. Sylvia was perfect for the basic hotel necessities, yet Maliana was good for value of money and its cakes. Hmm… cake. I do like me some cake. Now, La Hasienda is easily a recommeded hotel in Kupang for midrange and for budget travelers that would want to spend a little more to gain more.

And to answer Vira’s curiosity about the comparison between the La Hasienda and Motel Mexicola in Bali, I would have to say, there is a big difference in the amount of detailed decorations that they used. Mexicola is full packed detailed work with Speedy Gonzales puking Mexico all over the place, while La Hasienda had less details. I think La Hasienda kept it simple knowing decorations might be too overwhelming for visitors that are looking for a good night’s sleep.

La Hasienda Hotel (website)

Address: Jalan Adi Sucipto

Phone: +62 380 8552717

Email: lahasienda@gmail.com

Facebook: La Hasienda Kupang. 

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La Hasienda, Kupang mid range hotel

Budget accommodation in Kupang

La Hasienda has cactuses

best hotel in Kupang

Lobby of La Hasienda

Kupang traditional cloth

hotel in Kupang

A place to read in La Hasienda Hotel, Kupang

Kupang roof top

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4 years ago

Pake kipas angin yaaa kak ??? AC nya ngak ada ??? #PentingDIbahas

4 years ago

What a nice place – so original & cozy! Spending there a weekend sounds like a perfect idea 🙂

Yuki Anggia Putri
4 years ago

wow woow, ini hotel semua sudutnya Instagrammable bangeeeet.
suka deh sama kaktus-kaktusssnyaaa.