Monday Photo from Bangka Belitung: So Easy For The Eyes, Probably Not For the Nature

Submitted by viravira on 15 November 2010   •  Destination

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Belitung island in the Bangka Belitung Province, which now becomes one of the favorite places in Indonesia tourism, is a source of kaolin. Kaolin is a fine white clay normally used as raw material in several industries like paint, ceramic, rubber, and cosmetics. The mining left a huge hole on the ground, which then filler with water from the rain, and formed a lake. The white base of the lake combined with the blue reflection on the water makes it an unusual light blue colored lake. Very beautiful, though unnatural, and I’m not sure whether you can swim in it or not.

travel indonesia - belitung

Story and photo are contributed by Vindhya, a dear friend of Indohoy who’s lead tours to Belitung for a few times.

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