Monday Photo from Tana Toraja – Deep Within the Rocks

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Friends, come see Pram’s work, a new friend of Indohoy. He’s a photography and diving ethusiast who was kind to give us a few of his photo collections. We have to say that it was a unique trade between us and Pram for the photos. One we will remember for sure. Anyways, take it away Pram.

Tana Toraja is famously known for its unique funerary rituals. The last step of this ritual is the placement of the remains in a cave. This particular cave, called Londa, holds these two intriguing skulls. Legend has it that these two skulls of unnamed man and woman are the remains of a couple who started the biggest clan in Tana Toraja. They are said to be hundreds of years old and now are highly revered by the local populace.

Travel Indonesia: Tana Toraja

For more of Pram’s work, head to one of his site or follow him on twitter at @ThatScubaGuy.

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