Monday Photo: Our Favorite Corner in Jakarta

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Some people think Indonesia is a country that doesn’t even know electricity, yet. Some have only heard of Bali. Some, who have come to Indonesia’s capital city, are amazed by the fact that it is actually a metropolitan city with skyscrapers, vast shopping malls, traffic jams, highways, and of course, slums.

Mumun and I have been residing in this city for a couple of years now, and still we are not really fans of this mega chaos. Thus once in a while we’d go this restaurant called Waroeng Solo in the Kemang area, South Jakarta. It’s built and decorated in traditional Javanese style, providing Javanese food and beverages. Don’t worry backpackers, the prices are very much affordable.

Travel Indonesia: Jakarta

The painting on the wall behind me is of Jaka Tarub and the seven beautiful fairies, a Javanese legendary story.

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