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This is the place for ‘the art of doing nothing’. Backed by the hills of Manusela National Park, Ora Beach Resort is a destination on its own. The 5 hours of transportation time in and out of water and through the jungle driven like the apocalypse was chasing us was worth every length after seeing our accommodation situated over water.

Ora Beach Resort

Ora Beach is a secluded little sand strip organized by the Ora Beach Resort. With its own port, dining area, and huts over lively coral, the resort is reserved to those that are looking for nothing more but swim and relax. Reading a book might be a little too much of an effort as you would want to just nap during the day to the sound of gentle waves and swim during the rest of the time you are awake. The off shore islands, protect it from the open ocean, making the waters flat as linen on a fresh mattress most of time. This is the place where you can sleep on water. The majestic sharp rising hills foregrounding the resort within a tight bay made it easy to feel private and away from the world.

Ora Beach

Ora Beach

Ora Beach - sunset at the house port

With endless coral reefs along the hills’ feet, there’s plenty of ground for you to cover and keep busy in between doing nothing on shore. The beach also has an outlet of cold mountain water for your choice of different seawater temperature. A boat ride can be organized, as you may want to see the rest of the bay, just in case you do want to do something instead.

Ora Beach SunriseWaking up for the beautiful sunrise

Ora Beach - A rocky terrain

Part of the Manusela National Park.

Ora Beach

Exciting corals!

This beach can intrigue anyone to try something new. The water is so mesmerizing that it allured Giri Prasetyo to have a huge heart to step out of his comfort zone and jump from the port. Even though the elder Sam was repeatedly jumping in like a crazy man, we still appreciate Giri and his ‘cautious’ jump!

On a personal note, I loved this resort not only for the excellent resort that it is, but also because I could enjoy such a beautiful setting with new and old friends. I had warm fuzzy feelings being able to see bat fishes from my room balcony, while chatting about traveling and gossips with people that I can relate to. To me, that’s almost close to a perfect trip. Of course, with my spouse would be the best. Honeymooners, here’s a recommendation for you!

Tips to Ora Beach:

–        Rooms are limited. Make reservations at least a month or two before arrival.

–        Packing your own snorkel gear would be the best option. I’m not sure if the resort had enough equipment or any equipment at all.

–        Bring personal medicines (or snacks for that matter). It’s very remote even to the nearest drugstore.

–        Don’t forget to enjoy some of the spectacular sights during your drive through Seram Island.

If you’re planning to stay at the resort, it is recommended to have things organized by the resort. The resort cost about USD 100-150 / pax, which include en-suite open roof bathroom, 3 meals, coffee and tea, a few munchies between meals, and transport from and to Tulehu port, Ambon.

Ora Beach

Ora Beach

For reservation at the Ora Beach Resort call Alvin +628111909404

How to get to Ora Beach:

If you’re traveling on your own, it’s probably possible to stay at Saleman village just across the bay. From Ambon, take the daily ferry from the Tulehu port to Masohi, Seram Island. There are daily ferries and we took the noon ferry. Travel time on the boat was about 2 hours. VIP tickets are from IDR 150,000 / pax which include reclined seats and AC, while economy tickets cost about IDR 90,000 / pax.

For both arrangements (from the resort or not), the trip then continues on land for a 2-3 hours drive (depending how fast the driver can outrun the apocalypse) to Saleman village on the north coast. For independent travelers, you would have to rent a car. It’s your option to stay on this side of the bay or at the resort.

Ora Beach


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7 years ago

hi indohoy, is it possible to recommend accommodation at saleman village pls? tried to google but its not a very popular destination hence no info found. many thanks


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