Transit at Pop! Airport Hotel – Overnight at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

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I hate to think that I could ‘travel too much,’ but I think I can. I’ve met these circumstances several times but, thank God, it only went as far as a heavy flu. Yes, I’m mortal. I had come back tired and on the verge of flu from the #BarondaMaluku trip but I had to fly the next day for a long-planned trip to Bali. With an hour between home and the airport, that is if traffic was being super nice, I fear the possibility of melting through my nose just trying to catch the plane next morning. Thus, there could only be one solution. I had to transit at Soekarno-Hatta Airport and overnight at Pop! Airport Hotel.

Pop! Airport hotel

The Room 

The Pop! Airport Hotel has the same quality as any of their other branches. The room layouts are the same, consistently with their pod bathrooms. Since I was a bit beat and I’ve stayed in one before, I’m glad I was familiar with the setting. After buying some general meds and vits at the basement minimart, I snuggled in bed. With a runny nose that seemed like it wanted to escape me, I stayed in, watched TV, updated my twits, and caught up a little with abandoned work. Oh how white sheets help my psyche. I had a good rest, indeed.

Pop! Airport room & sink corner

The Cafe 

By dusk, I worried about food (don’t I always?!). I didn’t want to walk the way out to get some grub. Apparently, Pop! Airport Hotel has a small ‘warung’ or cafe that had a limited menu. A portion of chicken soup was more than I could ask for, especially since I could have it delivered to the room. I struggled to eat it without a bowl cosidering the soup was contained in a small plastic bag, but my survival gene kicked in as I was super hungry and in need of hot liquid. I made it possible. I slurped it from the plastic bag.

Pop! airport cafe or warung

Vira joined me that night, also with a runny nose. D’oh! We caught up with homework, gossips, travel stories, and got our next favorite single from V Channel: ‘Blurred Lines’ from Robert Thick feat. Pharrel, before snoozing to catch the plane next morning. Totally love the single and video! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Getting There

One note that we have is on access to Pop! Airport hotel. We struggled to find the hotel entrance although it’s located on the side of the road. On separate times, we arrived at the hotel from a small poorly paved road, which had each of us think we were kidnapped until we saw the huge POP!. The hotel was fairly new in May 2013, so we figure the official entrance wasn’t ready or as popular as the back door.

Because it’s located near the airport, there’s not much to see than just daily life dominated by cargo business. This worked for me this time as I had no intention to go out and show my drooping mucus to the world. But if I was healthy enough, it would be a challenge to entertain myself. It’s also pretty dusty, probably contributed by the development just beside the hotel. It didn’t help Vira’s cough. Come to think about it, location wise, all airport transit hotels must have similar settings.

Pop! airport shuttle car

All in all, we recommend Pop! Airport hotel for your transit needs. It’s enough to accommodate a good night’s rest and save you the time heading into the city with the risk of being late for your next flight out due to the infamous Jakarta traffic. The hotel also provides shuttles to the airport  only on certain hours and they can also arrange a car for you for IDR 50,000 one way, which is roughly the same amount on a taxi.

In the end, I thank you Pop! Airport Hotel for the complimentary stay. You have saved my life and travels. I’m sure I’ll see you again, soon. *blowing a kiss*

POP! Airport Hotel Jakarta
 Jl Raya Bandara no 106, Rawa Bokor, Benda.
Tangerang 15125.
Indonesia Tel : +62 21-29405678.
Fax : +62 21-29405679


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