Pasir Putih Beach, Lampung – Recalling Childhood

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Going to Pasir Putih beach in South Lampung was like a weekend routine to our family when I was little. We were living in Bandar Lampung, the capital city of Lampung Province, where my parents still live until now. And in the mudik trip on Eid Ul Fitr holiday, we were passing down the family tradition to Mazel and Mikala (my nephew and niece). They had been excited to play on a beach since about a month before, and were so ready with their beach toys.

Pasir Putih beach Lampung

Pasir Putih is not actually the best beach in Lampung, but it’s definitely one of the Bandar Lampung people’s favorite places for recreation. Probably because it’s quite near from the city of Bandar Lampung (about 30 minutes by car east-ward) with well constructed road, it’s got enough sand area for people to build sand castles, shallow water to swim when low tide, and considerably safe waves for kids to play with in tubes. Moreover, food and dry clothes are provided abundantly in the kiosks on the beach. Consequently though, more trash are found in the water 🙁

Pasir Putih Beach Lampung

Though “Pasir Putih” literally means “white sand”, the sand here is not so white. Take a boat to cross to Condong Island and you’ll see whiter sand. The crossing only takes about 15 minutes. For IDR 250,000 / boat for a return trip, you can stay at Condong Island for as long as you like in the daylight. Either the boatman waits for you at the island or he drops you off and picks you up at appointed time.

There’s a retribution fee to pay once you hit the Condong beach, IDR 15,000 / pax, paid to a man who’ll hand you the official tickets. We left our money in the car, so we paid later, altogether with the boat rent. I’m not sure what the retribution money is for, but judging from the plastic trash on the shore and the rundown buildings deeper in the island, I don’t think the money is spent well for the island’s maintenance. But the beach with the soft sand was spacious enough for visitors to run around and clean enough to lay down under the trees (or to sun tan).

pasir putih beach Lampung

Overall, the beaches here may not be top notch, but it was enough to be one of Mazel and Mikala’s first beach experiences. And seeing them play so happily was precious. I can’t wait to take them to more beaches of Indonesia..!

pasir putih beach Lampung

Note: You may find a lot of beaches in Indonesia named “Pasir Putih” cos it literally means “white sand”. And it’s perfectly normal to get confused with the Pasir Putih beach near Candi Dase in Bali, or even another Pasir Putih beach near Kiluan Bay also in Lampung. And who knows, there are probably hundreds of other pasir putih beaches, no matter how white or non-white the sands actually are, in the coasts of Indonesia 😀

Have you been to a Pasir Putih beach in Indonesia? In which area?

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Danan Wahyu Sumirat
6 years 7 months ago

buset ini pantai gue kecil … dulu tiap weekend pasti kesini…
hampir terlupakan nih pantai gara2 kalah pamor dengan pantai2 di lempasing dan padang cermin