Wondering to Wae Rebo – Friday Photo

Submitted by mumunmumun on 30 August 2013   •  Destination

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It seemed impossible. Wae Rebo is a small village secluded in the mountains of Flores reached after a 7.4 km hike. Hiking is not my strong point. But I made it, thank God, I made it and I could take a photo of Wae Rebo to share. I could meet Mr. Biatus, the eldest in the village, and come in to his traditional house. It was worth every step and breath I had to take. I probably lost a few pounds as a bonus.

For the story, click to our link here. 

photo of wae rebo

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windy ariestanty
6 years 8 months ago

suka! ops! i should drop a comment in english methinks.
well, okay,

love this pic. 🙂