Photos of Bali by Kevin Fairley

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Bali is much depict with vibrant and lush color, from the green rice fields that seem to go for miles, its blue water surrounding the island, to colorful details of a performing Balinese dancer. But, one of our acquaintance showed us another side of Bali. Kevin Fairley is from Australia and has kindly shared some of his views of Bali in black and white. He took them while finding his way to Lovina and in between his walks around the area. I have to say, it’s very different to what we usually see of Bali. It has this mystical feel, more than what we see of the island most of the time. Thanks for the photos of Bali, Kevin!

For more pictures from Kevin, visit his site here.


Bali - Kevin Fairley 4

Bali - Kevin Fairley 2

Bali - Kevin Fairley

Bali - Kevin Fairley 5

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