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I’m a girl that’s all for a budget accommodation because they’re cheap and I can sleep (and oversleep) almost anywhere, especially when I’m bathed in mosquito repellant. I attract mozzies, they find me sexy. However, I’m not a fan of hotels since I’ve found that many other budget options can offer more and the interior design of most (starred) hotels are so generic and cold. I feel very lonely in them. My recent hotel findings, and with the help of Vira’s eye for interesting looking accommodation, has helped me see hotels as an interesting option, especially if they’re cheaper and I can share the cost. But I have to admit with time, physical limitation, the need of a good shower, and the power of choice of avoiding smelling like lavender scented pesticide, I’ve enjoyed my encounters with hotels. This time, with Pop Hotels.

Pop Hotel

One one fine sunny day, we were invited to enjoy a stay at Pop! Hotels. As ‘easy’ bloggers that we are, we agreed to accept the invite. Not quite sure if it was because I’m such a sucker for white sheets or if they put something in my drink but I liked it. Pop! Hotels is one option that I would crash in when I just need that extra pamper. The rooms are clean, fresh, and have a funky interior. They keep the amenities to a minimum but still include soap, towels for two, mineral water, and cable TV. For me, the this hotel provides just enough to make me happy during my travels. A King Koil spring bed covered with white sheets can heal any sore muscle after a backpacking trip. You know they do!

Pop hotels

My favorite part of Pop! Hotel has to be its bathpod. It’s a bathroom in a shape of a pod. It’s not really a room, it’s more like those portable toilets you find in parks or at public events. But a lot better. In a way, taking a shower and doing my business in these pods took me to the future. I’ve never been to Japan, but I imagine life in a pod is close to it. I can also say ‘I pooped in a pod’. OK, it might not be comfortable for those that are claustrophobic but then you could always leave a gap at the door.

Pop hotels

Here’s a fun bathroom 😀

Currently, you can find this hotel branch in some major cities in strategic locations. They’re not everywhere but then maybe that’s a good thing considering we should still make room for local business too. For me, the Pop! Hotel in Kuta is an awesome choice to stay for those that are willing to submerge in the hoo-ha of this beach. Sure it might not be as cheap as those in Poppies Lane, but it’s far from drunks, blaring house music, and worth the money. The Pop! just by the Jakarta airport sounds like an awesome place to spend those few layover hours to your true destination.

Although I have countless times claimed that I’m a Biology expert just for the heck of it, I have failed to look in more of Pop! Hotels eco-friendly concept. Yes, they reduced electricity by creating open air corridors and lobby, use solar power, and eco-friendly construction materials, but how really green are they? I’ll have to work on that. I might just suggest them to use liquid soap instead of bar soap to reduce the waste of unfinished soaps, cause liquid soaps can be refilled, right? But in the mean time, it helps my conscious a little knowing that the luxury I enjoy is kinda compensated.

Pop hotel

I haven’t been in many hotels either to make a rather objective say about them. I’m still for budget accommodation or resorts for the same money. But for the time being, I’m happy to know that I have that option of a hotel that I’m happy to pay for and doesn’t really rip my pocket to pieces.

For more information, check out their website: http://pophotels.com/#/welcome-page

Indohoy was invited by Pop! Hotels, but the bubbly opinions are entirely mine.

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bocah petualang
7 years ago

I would stay there if they invite me too 😀

7 years ago

We would stay there even if they didn’t invite us 😀

7 years ago

Newly open in BSD. The building truly cute according to the style, should be they will open soon for public.

7 years ago
Reply to  yoshie

thanks for the info, Yoshie 😀

Cumi MzToro
7 years ago

Dapat sarapan nasi kucing 🙂