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It had been about seven years since my last stay in Pangandaran, until finally I went there again – and not just passing by before I got to Batukaras. I didn’t notice any nice and big hotel in my visit back then, I even had to stay in a homestay in a small alley. So it was kind of a surprise to me when the bus driver pulled over in front of a nice and modern building, Arnawa Hotel Pangandaran. I was there for a famtrip with the West Java tourism board, along with other bloggers, so they had done all the bookings. As later I noticed, there are now many big and modern hotels in Pangandaran.

Arnawa hotel pangandaran
Welcomed with a splash of fresh water.


My First Impression of Arnawa Hotel Pangandaran

We were welcomed with a very sweet refreshment and friendly smiles. The staff seemed to know what to do with a big group of guests, there was no chaos or anything. Then we were quick to be given keys to our rooms.

The lobby was a roofed open-aired space with sofas and a view to the pool. On the right and left sides of the pool were rows of guest rooms in two storeys. The pool is decorated with a few life-size human statues, with frangipani trees surrounding. It looked like they tried to breathe Bali ambiance, but to it felt more like Bali-wannabe in the 90’s. I wonder why they didn’t just try to liven the Sundanese – original West Java culture – ambiance? But anyway, that didn’t bother me much because everything was well-kept and clean, and that’s more important to me.

In general, I felt the ambience in Arnawa Hotel Pangandaran more like a family hotel vibe. It’s a place that I could imagine being filled with children running around in the garden and splashing water in the pool in the weekends. I didn’t notice any bar, and it felt too clean and bright to get crazy.

Arnawa hotel pangandaran
It totally screams leisure.


The Rooms

Arnawa Hotel Pangandaran has two types of room, both with the same size, layout and facilities, only one is upstairs and the other is downstairs. Leoni, one of the bloggers in the trip, and I share a bedroom downstairs, which is great because we had direct access to the pool.

The room is spacious, about 4x7m2 including the bathroom, which is good for a messy person like me who hates having to jam my stuff in one little corner. It’s got twin beds, a desk, a TV, and a set of rattan chairs, and a spacious terrace with chairs and a towel rack. Each room is allowed to be occupied by up to 4 people with complimentary breakfast for the same number of people.

Arnawa hotel pangandaran
Spacious room and beds.


It’s not a fancy hotel, but it’s got enough facilities for me, at least for a 2 night stay on a trip with such packed itinerary (a bike tour followed by a seafood and culture night, and then river tubing in Santirah river).

Laundry service was provided, but the drying was done manually. So if it’s sunny out, you’ll get your clothes ready in just a day. But if it rained, you’re risking taking home damp clothes.

Breakfast was provided in the restaurant near the lobby, with the pool view. Food was yummy, a combination of Indonesian food and a bit of western. It’s no 5-star menu, but it has a lot of savory menu that fits my taste, like fried noodle and seafood.

At the time of my stay, wi-fi was only available in the lobby and restaurant. I had to work offline in the bedroom. And that wouldn’t be any problem if you’re there strictly for vacation.

Arnawa hotel pangandaran
Breakfast by the pool.


Location & Price of Arnawa Hotel Pangandaran

It’s located only about 300 meters east of Pangandaran Beach. Near the hotel there is a convenient store where you might get some snack or a new pair of flip flops to replace the ones that drifted away in the river, as well as an ATM. It’s a pretty good location, in terms of accessibility.

Price for 2-person occupancy: IDR600,000/room on weekday, IDR795,000/room on weekend.

Price for 4-person occupancy: IDR650,000/room on weekday, IDR850,000/room on weekend.

Arnawa hotel pangandaran - path
Neat, clean, and could use a bit of a soul.

For more information, do contact them directly to these addresses and numbers:

Hotel Arnawa

Jl. Bulak Laut No. 12, Pangandaran

West Java, Indonesia

Phone : +62 265 639 194, Mobile : +62 888 277 8400

Fax : +62 265 639 844, E-mail :

Website :



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