Rip Curl School of Surf, Bali – Never Thought School Could Be So Cool

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Bali - Rip Curl School - First lesson of Windsurfing

I’ve never tried surfing. To tell you the truth, I’m scared of the big waves and accidentally hitting the rocks then get drowned with my ripped head all bloody.  But how can I say no to a free surfing lesson by one of the coolest brands in the surfing world?  *sunnies on and hands on my waist* So dude, I’ll take my chances.

Rip Curl School of Surf has 3 branches in Bali. One in Legian that focuses on surfing only, one in Jimbaran, and one in Sanur. We were taken to the one in Sanur, which was located exactly at the Sanur Beach Hotel. The owner, John I think was his name, and his crew welcomed us and gave a brief of what we were gonna do. The next thing that I heard was like an episode of The Secret. I was scared of big waves, and turns out the water at Sanur beach at that time was flat. So we couldn’t surf! Part of me was like, “Phew!” but another part me was a bit disappointed because I missed the chance of learning to surf with Rip Curl!

Bali - Rip Curl School - briefing by instructors

However, they’ve prepared other cool stuff for us! They taught us how to kayak, windsurf, scuba dive, and the hip hop lesson of ‘SUP! Kidding. SUP is short for Stand Up Paddling.

The simplest of them all was kayaking and I’ve always loved it. Here at the school I even had a second session of kayaking, accompanying Ruby on a double kayak toward the setting sun that was bright reddish orange against the pinkish lilac sky. Flawless sunset! Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me, but it’s recorded nicely in my head and heart 🙂

Bali - Rip Curl School - kayaking to the horizon

Windsurfing was challenging. I never even dreamt of being able to stand up on a windsurfing board, but I did! I even managed to turn the direction around, and the instructors repeatedly told me I was doing really well. Hihihi..I hope they weren’t just being nice.

Bali - Rip Curl School - Windsurfing

And next, oh my God, SUP looked even more challenging! You stand up on a board and ‘steer’ your way with a long paddle that you switch left and right. But again, I did it! Woohoo! It’s very encouraging when you find out that you can actually do something you thought you never could 😀

Bali - Rip Curl School - SUP lesson from kneeling to standing

Bali - Rip Curl School - SUP lesson

One thing that I found interesting is how a slight difference in your posture can really affect your speed, direction and balance in water activities. Get your torso upright, and the SUP board will move faster. Stand leaning a bit backward, and you’re balancing yourself with the windsurf sail so that you won’t fall off. *taking notes* One precious thing I realized from these water sport sessions is how I underestimate myself sometimes. If it wasn’t because an activity organized by Avilla, I probably would never even try SUP and windsurfing, and would always think they are out of this world for me.

I haven’t got a diving license (I know I know, I will, soon!), but I’ve tried a discovery dive in Togian a few years ago, so I thought I pretty much knew how it’s done. Turns out, the scuba diving introduction was given in the Sanur Beach Hotel’s swimming pool with only 110 cm depth, so it was difficult not to touch the pool floor.  I kept looking down, imagining there were fishes and corals under me but the instructor told me to look forward so as not to bump in others. Hahaha.. I guess I’m back to zero 😛

Bali - Rip Curl School - scuba dive lesson

All in all, this session of activities was the top highlight for me personally. It’s fun, I had been missing the sea so much, all of the instructors were super nice, helpful and of great guidance. I’m happy to know there are more possibilities of water activities for me, not just the usual snorkeling, scuba diving and, well, skinny dipping 😛

Sanur Beach Hotel
Jl. Danau Tamblingan 33, Respati, Sanur, Bali
+62 361 287749

* The lessons at Rip Curl School of Surf was a complementary from Avilla Hospitality Management, but the opinion is all my own.

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Jiewa @ INIJIE
7 years 7 months ago

Wakakaka.. kenapa gw jadi parade punggung dan lemak gini yah…
Suka banget judulnya, this School is Cool!

Firsta | Discover Your Indonesia

Stop being so cool, Vira. Suka banget foto yang pertama. :)))