A Simple Fun Time at Batu Night Spectacular, East Java

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Again, I was amazed at how advanced Batu is compared to other similarly small towns in Indonesia. By advanced, I mean they don’t only have one of the best zoos in the country, they also have a mini amusement park! It’s called Batu Night Spectacular. When you see it at night, you’ll know why it’s called that.

The park consisted of rides, lantern garden, a food court and a night market. No wonder the park was jam-packed with people from a wide range of age.  Moreover, Diyan and I were there in a weekend, when everybody’s out and about, looking for some entertainment.

Batu Night Spectacular


The Rides in Batu Night Spectacular

Some of the rides, honestly, looked a bit oldie, like the ones you’d see from America’s 70’s movies. We’re not sure how old they actually are, but Diyan had a chat with one of the staff, and it turns out that there’s some sort of association of theme parks around the world, where the rides are being sold and purchased among the members. Older rides are obviously cheaper than the brand new ones, that’s why smaller parks with less money usually have the more ‘vintage’ rides. But don’t worry, they would ‘tune up’ the machines and stuff, so they are still safe and function well. After all, I still am in one whole piece right now 😀

Batu Night Spectacular has about 25 rides, including the sky bicycle, go-cart, carousel and flying chairs. The queues are quite long. We waited for more than 15 minutes for our turn at the sky bicycle. Luckily they put a TV monitor on one of the corners, so people could watch a soccer game – at that time – while waiting. The ride itself was quite nice, I got to see the whole park from above as well as Malang city lights, as Batu is a highland just next to Malang city.

Batu Night Spectacular

The Night Market

The night market was interesting. Countless booths sold various stuff, ranging from bunny ears headband – which I bought! – to mortars. We bought some dried snacks there, not knowing that the price was about 3 times more experience than the exact same products sold just outside! Darn.

Batu Night Spectacular


Overall, I think Batu Night Spectacular was a bit overrated. But the thing with over or under rated things is that, maybe it’s me who over expected something. Batu Night Spectacular might be the “it” entertainment for the locals, but it might not cut it for those who’ve been to bigger better crazier amusement parks somewhere else. But for ourselves, we enjoyed the sparkling lights, merry ambience and cool weather of a tropical highland 🙂



Entrance fee was IDR 15,000 / person. But you’ll be charged for each ride, ranging from IDR 7,000 to IDR 12,000 / person.


Getting There

Batu Night Spectacular is located on Jalan Raya Oro-Oro Ombo, Batu.

If you’re driving from Malang, you can rent a car for about IDR 500,000/day, including gas and a driver. The ride between Malang and Batu would take about 30-45 minutes. And if you’re driving from Surabaya, it would probably take about 2 hours.

Phone: +62 341 5025111 or Facebook


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