Spa and Infinity Pool of Pita Maha Ubud, Bali

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Infinity pool has become da bomb in the resort world. The illusion of adrenaline rush of almost jumping down a cliff allures many to dive in the pool, including moi. Knowing that Pita Maha is one of the luxury resorts in Ubud, I didn’t dare to dream to swim in their well-known infinity pool with lush green valley in the background..until one day I found out about a special discount from my friend Nidinda! Woohoo!

This spa experience added up to Indohoy’s last 5 spa experiences in Bali.

infinity pool at Pita Maha


The Spa and Infinity Pool Package at Pita Maha Ubud

The main offer in the special package was the spa treatment. Having interest in the infinity pool since ages ago, I definitely went for the one with swimming before or after a massage session. On the program they had in October 2014, I only had to pay about IDR330,000 for an hour massage, swimming in the infinity pool however long I wanted, and a hot chocolate treat afterwards. Normally, if you’re not the hotel’s guest, you’d have to pay for a minimum order of IDR200,000 at the restaurant to swim in the infinity pool. And the Coffee Sensation massage normally cost US$55/session or about IDR550,000, then’s rate. (So I saved up about US$40 there, not bad!)

I dragged Sefin, a fellow blogger, along in this spa and infinity pool excursion at Pita Maha. We were given massages in the terrace of the spa house because the room inside was being prepared for the next guests. The room inside was more styled up, but to me, being massaged outdoors feels much more comforting. The massage beds were facing a jacuzzi, in which unfortunately we didn’t have time to bathe, and again, the green valley. The wind was blowing softly, Sefin and I quickly disappeared into dreamland.

Like any spa massage I’ve had, I hated it the most when the masseuse let me know that time is up. Oh, why couldn’t I stay asleep for more hours? Why??! But anyway, we were then scrubbed with yoghurt in the shower, before finally bathing to rinse it off. That was my first time bathing with a girl friend. It felt weird!


spa at Pita Maha

We then swam after the spa (we wanted to swim beforehand but couldn’t because we had to catch the appointed spa time). It was only a little before it got dark, but we were lucky because there was almost nobody else in the pool. Swimming in the infinity pool definitely felt like, well, swimming in any pool. Resting at the cliff edge is what made it different because I was looking out to the valley, where usually I’d look to only plain ol’ cafes and poolside chairs.

I wonder how acrophobic people (those with fear of heights) would feel swimming here.


infinity pool at Pita Maha ubud

Lastly, we claimed our hot chocolate at the restaurant, a few stairs up from the pool. You’ve got to have good enough knees to walk up and down this resort because it consists of so many levels. The chocolate was nothing special. We suspected it was regular sachet Milo. Too sweet for my liking and not what I expected from a luxury resort’s restaurant like Pita Maha. I could imagine though, how sweet it would be to sip a cup of tea at the restaurant in the morning, when the valley is still well lit by the sun.


infinity pool at Pita Maha and the hot chocolate

Thanks Sefin for the photos in the pool.


  • The special rate was probably a seasonal thing, where hotels offer discounts for certain packages. By now, Pita Maha might have different programs. You could contact them for updates or, the 2.0 way, browse on the net.
  • Ubud, or Bali in general, is big on religious ceremonies. There is, so to speak, nothing more important than the ceremonies, may it be in the temples or the procession toward it on the streets. So, make sure you try to come early to your spa appointment, to spare some time just in case there’s a ceremony holding you back, like what happened to Sefin and me.


The day after, I was killing time between UWRF sessions by checking out the resort area –with a permission from the staff. Here’s what Pita Maha Resort & Spa looks like, other than the awesome infinity pool.

other parts of Pita Maha

For more info, visit their official website
Address: Jalan Sanggingan PO Box 198 Ubud – Bali
Phone: (62 361) 974330

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5 years ago

well, sorry if bathing with me making you feel weird. LOL 😛
anyways, it was my very first spa, and I enjoyed it so much. Thanks for taking me with you. I really hope to go on a trip with you again sometime! :*