Staying at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, West Java – Like A Boss!

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 Traveled in May, 2013

Having grown up in Bandung, Mumun always wanted to experience Sheraton Bandung Hotel. It had always been that luxury location in the hills ever since she was a teen but she never had enough reason to pay for a night in the city where her house is located. Being a curious cat when it comes to accommodations, I could plan a trip just so I could try an interesting establishment. So when opportunity knocked in the form of invitation email, we yessed it without a doubt!

Off we went in the middle of a week to Bandung. Destination: the 5 star Sheraton Hotel at Dago. Our chamber for the night: the Tower Room. It’s spacious, equipped with two oversized single beds, a sofa set in front of the flat screen TV, a desk made for a boss, and lovely pastel-colored drapery on the big window. It wasn’t like a modern designed hotel, it had a more homie feeling to it. We were jumping for joy – literally – to find such luxury that we rarely experience in our travels! Woohoo!

Sheraton hotel Bandung - Tower Room and a 'wayang' at the hallway

We were ready to meet some friends in Bandung, but the rain hinted that traffic was going to suck. So we decided to spend the night at the hotel. After all, who needs out when in a hotel like this?! So that night, we ended up having scrumptious dinner and reading two editions of Monocle. The magazine no doubt had a lot of good pointers for us, but we also had to live up to the hotel image. We took baths – in turns, you pervy! – from which we reluctantly got out of. I forgot how niiice a hot bath could feel.. *snuggle-mode* I almost decided to sleep in the tub until morning..

bathtub in Tower room

Sheraton hotel Bandung - Mumun's struggling out of bed, helpful staff, & shuttle car

The next morning, we were woken up fresh by the sunlight in between the curtains. I would’ve drowned in the soft bed with soft pillows a lot longer if it weren’t for the tempting swimming pool. And of course, I dragged Mumun with me! Muhaha..

The water was cold for tropical girls’ standard, and I had a bit of problem with my newly bought goggles. But with the extensive open area with lots of greenery around the pool, it was overall a great swim. So fresh!

Sheraton hotel Bandung - the swimming pool & horsey for kids

Breakfast followed. We’ve tried the Feast restaurant for dinner, so we chose the Tower Lounge for breakfast, which was just next to our room. That’s how awesome it is to stay at the Tower. You get to choose where to have breakfast, plus complementary cocktails are served at the lounge between 5-7 pm, aside to having more spacious room with bathtub. *posing posh* Oh and a touch of locality: karaoke sound from neighboring fishing pond overlooked from the lounge balcony. LOL..!

Sheraton hotel Bandung - Tower Lounge balcony, Feast restaurant at dinner & lunch

If you’re looking for a less fancy room, they have Deluxe and Pool Access rooms on another wing. But no matter in what room you’re staying, there are many things you can check out at the hotel, like horseback riding, abundant croissants, and simply the details of each aesthetic element at the hallways.

There were many things we wanted to check out at the hotel, like horseback riding, more croissants, and simply the details of each aesthetic element at the hallways. With the amount of time we had, it was simply impossible to enjoy everything that Sheraton had to offer, and believe us, we would enjoy everything that it had to offer. But we can say it was a great stay at the Sheraton Hotel, surely worth every penny.

Sheraton hotel bandung - Deluxe room, a Lounge staff, & main entrance

However, the shuttle car was ready to take us to nearby interesting places. We didn’t want to keep the driver waiting for another hour (totally our bad, getting too cozy in the hotel), so off we went, and later came back before check out time. The hotel is great for families and weekend stays, where you can enjoy the Bandung air to the fullest without having to charge the factories outlets to which Bandung is famous for (Fine! you can still go shopping). It’s also great for anyone who is looking for some isolation.

Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers

Jalan Ir. H. Juanda 390, Bandung, West Java, 40135

Ph: +62 22 2500303


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*The stay was a complimentary from Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers, but the views are all our own.

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