Suluban Beach or Blue Point, Bali

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Suluban Beach

Surf’s up! We’re traveling southern Bali to Suluban Beach or also known as Blue Point, one of the many surfing beaches. It might be less famous than Padang-padang Beach amongst surfers that come to Bali and even less popular amongst general beach goers, but it’s definitely on the serious-surfer’s radars.

When it comes to surfing beaches, you’d probably imagine it to be a stretch of white sand with people watching for snaps of surfboards out at sea. However, Suluban Beach is different. The beach is accessed through a narrow and steep alley carved down the cliff. The alley is filled with coffee and Internet cafés. As I peeked through the window of one of these Internet cafés, I was surprised to see a Macintosh computer for rental purposes. Whoa! Serious Internet café! Apparently, they’re pretty common here, used usually by surfing photographers to edit and send their work somewhere across the globe. Impressive.

Suluban Beack structures

This surf spot rocks!

Editing surf photo at Suluban BeachRrrrr…. man! I mean Mac! No, I mean man.

On top of a boulder standing in the middle of the tight bay, is a café. This café has a perfect viewpoint of the barrels and surfers riding it. I ordered a black coffee to start my afternoon. I checked the perimeter of white sand stretch below. Low tide was starting and the rocks were emerging. The beach only had a handful of people, which meant more for me.

Suluban Beach from above

Although not a surfer, I was ready to test the water. I headed down to the beach to see the possibilities of dipping in. Turns out, it’s not be the best beach for swimming as the shores are covered with rocks. The water had a strong current, which must have been a side effect of the great surf spot. Despite that, it’s still pleasant for a sunbath or just to submerge your whole body within the water pools formed by the rocks.

First surf lesson on Suluban Beach

“How was the wave? Good?” I asked a passing surfer that had just ripped a wave. Not that I know anything about surfing but I was purely curious.

“Yeah! It was excellent!” he answered with a stereotype surfer’s tone. I was reminded of Crush, the green turtle of ‘Finding Nemo’. Love Crush!

“How so? How is it different to Padang-padang Beach just up the road there?”

“The waves are harder here than Padang-padang, but the barrels are great! Once you get one, it goes on forever,” he answers with a gleaming face and his hand gliding on an imaginary smooth surface. Satisfaction.

“But, that’s it for me. It’s tough. So, I’m happy with that one wave today,” he bids farewell and continues up the cliff with his board.

Surfing at Suluban Beach

After about an hour or so, I strolled back up to the café on the rock. My coffee was where I left it. I took the last sip as I stared down and admired the rock patterns from above. Nature is wickedly beautiful!

Strolling on Suluban Beach

It was a short two-hour visit but enough for me to know another of Bali’s surfing beaches. Because of the steep cliff and the tight beach, I couldn’t feel the laid-back surfing vibe like I did in Balangan Beach. But I guess, this beach wasn’t for people like me. There wasn’t much room to strike up a conversation. Oh well…

A cup of coffee on Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is located about 34 km from the Kuta area. The roads are accessible to motorbikes and cars. There’s hardly any public transport, but I’m guessing you wouldn’t use one with a board on your hands.

Relaxing on Suluban Beach

This post was part of my trip with Pop! Hotels, but trying to sound like I know a thing or two about surfing was all me ☺

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