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The Surabaya people love to hang out. They would take any sidewalk, put a picnic carpet, and have their choice of drink to then just talk and watch people go by. I would think that they would do this in certain areas, but as you have read our Sloki story, they’d do it anywhere and anyhow. If it’s a sidewalk, they’ll sit on it. They have a way life, and one of them is living through their parks, it’s the Surabaya park life.

Surabaya park life


Parks are just a small part of the areas they occupy to hang out. We went to the Bungkul Park (one of the most renown parks) and it was jam-packed. They had everything from cotton candy, temporary tattoos, fishing games, to mini skateboarding ramps and food stalls. People were about a foot from each other and everyone were just doing what they do best at parks, have a good time. This is the perfect place to mingle with the locals.

Surabaya park life



This park came to be probably because behind it is the cemetery of a religious person, which is worshiped by many people. This might have been the stir of the crowd to this post in the first place. I know! Awkward.


Translate: Religious area. Maintain manners while socializing.


We also saw the same phenomenon outside of the Surabaya Zoo where there is no official park and yet people still lay their picnic mats and enjoy the cooler night as opposed to the burning daylight. I guess the parks are also part of their nightlife. Not all night life has to be associated with parties and going wild, right? They’re an interesting bunch.


The most extraordinary thing about these parks are, some of them have Wi-fi connection thus one can check in and update their status within a Surabaya park. It would sound ‘At the park’. That has a good sound to it, doesn’t it?

Unsurprisingly, we had a great time at these parks although we had a very brief visit.

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