Surreal Is Finally Being In Komodo National Park

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I hate reptiles! I can’t even stand looking at them on TV screen, not even the pictures in Biology books (ages ago)! But I made an exception for komodo that live exclusively on a few islands in the Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) province of Indonesia.I actually went to Komodo National Park! I mean, how could I pass a chance to see these rare and protected gigantic lizards? The Komodo National Park, where these islands are located, even became a candidate for the New Natural Wonders. I just had to go there and check out what it’s really all about!

I’m not gonna bare all the practical info on this post, though. That will be in several weeks from now. But while my skin is still tanned from the trip and the holiday blues is still so hot, I just gotta tell you some stuff about the trip in a glance.

Komodo National Park

>> The trip was almost canceled. Due to mostly financial reasons some of us weren’t sure that we could go. But we didn’t give up just like that, not for Komodo, no! So we had to find everything budget, haggled here and there, and looked for as many options as we could to find the most economical ways. Hard work came into fruition and everything was covered. Phew!

>> The trip included a 3D2N LOB (Live On Board, or some say Live Aboard). It was my 2nd LOB after Tanjung Puting trip but it wasn’t all the same. On this LOB we didn’t have the luxury to shower with fresh water, so I didn’t shower at all for almost 3 days, having plunged into the sea several times a day in that very salty water *grin* Given a few more days of that, I think I’d have a rasta hairstyle. Yah, manh!

>> I still don’t have a diving license, and didn’t find a good deal for introductory nor discovery dive, so I decided to just snorkel. And this turned out to be the best snorkeling experience I’ve ever had. I saw manta rays!!! The loveliest and most graceful sea creatures I’ve seen! It was the highlight of the trip, for sure!

Komodo National Park

>> 4 – 5 pm is the best time to take gorgeous pictures of your tanned skin under the tropical sun. We’ve proved it.

>> Komodo is actually adorable! That is when they’re just lazing around with arms twisted and not moving at all. But they’re definitely scary when crawling towards you on a hill..!!

traveling Indonesia - Komodo National Park

>> Talking with locals and other tourists often resulted in surprising new info. An accommodation for only USD 2 / night in Laos? A dive master with 8 children from 4 different wives? Whoa!

>> Two of the best things in being on a secluded area: we received next to none phone signals, hence we focused on what was really around us, and that we could stargaze every night while lying on the beach or the boat deck. Oh and one more thing: it’s relatively safe for skinny dipping!

>> Last but not least, 5 days at the Komodo National Park is definitely less than enough. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg and should absolutely come back for more!

traveling Indonesia - Komodo National Park

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4 years 11 months ago

When is the best time to visit Komodo? You guys look like you had a great time, and I’m so eager to visit with my bf, but we’re going to be there in March/April and I’m worried about the rain… Any ideas?

4 years 11 months ago

The best would in the dry season. March/April is possible but I guess the best would be May to November.