Terios 7 Wonders: Defining Hidden Paradise in Lombok

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Day 8-9: A whole lot of Lombok.


Sade Village in Rambitan, was our next destination. This traditional village is located in the middle of Lombok Island and has maintained much of its old way of life. From maintaining the traditional houses, weaving, collecting rice in their storage, dances, hitting each other with rattan for sports, all are still applied within their daily lives. The most interesting tradition that they have kept, for me, has to be about the marriage. They marry within their families, and eloping is the only way to do it, and it’s legal.


Another activity that we did was a CSR gig of the Daihatsu at a nearby school, which involved  speeches, kids and the works. It was so sweet to see the kids put on a show for the Daihatsu officials (and us as guests). There was a play about the South Lombok legend and it was in English. A for effort! Another act that caught my attention was a choreographed poem reading. I found it a little weird, to be honest, but still, another A for effort.


After this we headed to the beaches, the most anticipated part of the day… for me.

I’ve redefined my understanding of ‘hidden paradise’. All this time I thought that a ‘hidden paradise’ means somewhere off the beaten track, that people don’t know much about; somewhere secret. This can probably still apply. But after my visit to the fifth wonder of this journey, I’ve come to realize that a hidden paradise is not just about staying out of popularity. It’s more about how hidden the locations really are. The beaches that we visited were gaining popularity little by little, but it takes a lot of effort to reach them! They’re hidden. Driving for hours amongst the possibility of getting lost several times are what one must risk of experiencing in search of these paradises. Admittedly, Terios did help us get to these paradises in one… or most of our pieces.


Tangsi Beach or Tanjung Ringgit is located on the south east coast of Lombok Island. When heading south, Lombok turns dry and arid. During this month of October, trees barely have any leaves, the scene was yellowish brown, and another layer of dust covered our cars. It took us about an hour on a broken road to get to this beach.


Though Lombok is only a strait away from Bali, the green scenery surprisingly stops in Bali. Lombok is brown. But amongst this brown land, Tangsi Beach comes in with its fresh blue ocean with its pink sands. Although not as pink as the pink beach on Komodo Island, it’s still as girly of a color as sand can be!

Two hours later, we were chasing the sunset at Selong Belanak Beach. Rushing to get that perfect sunset, we arrived just when the sky turned pinkish. There wasn’t much to do for the media guys as there wasn’t much light left to take scenic pictures, but there’s always time for me to enjoy a great sunset.

So, as popular Tangsi or Tanjung Ringgit Beach (pink beach) and Selong Belanak are, I still consider them hidden destinations; a treasure at the end of a treasure hunt.


Highlight: The Hidden Beaches of Lombok

It has been races against time to catch that perfect sunset during this trip, as that day to Selong Belanak. But again, with so much to do for the Daihatsu Terios campaign, we raced Selong Belanak a little too late for an afternoon dip.

HOWEVER! We arrived during the very low tide having the ocean fall out far. After taking a few shots, I couldn’t help myself to run out and chase the waves. It was a good 100 m of flat sands and gentle rippling of water coming in. I ran on the beach, bombed every photo I could, and got my feet wet like there was no tomorrow. The sunset was a perfect combination of blue, orange and pink. And with the company of good new and old friends, it seems like there was nothing more I that I could ask for. Yeah, I was in paradise!


*This post is in accordance to the Terios 7 Wonders trip but the opinions are my own

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6 years 5 months ago

masa ya kata temen gw yang udah pernah ke Selong Belanak, itu bukan Selong belanak. Terus pantai apa dong? :)))

6 years 5 months ago

pic #1 in this post is similar with pic in Pink Beach’s post :p