Terios 7 Wonders: Falling in Love Again in Komodo Island

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Day 12-13: Re-enjoying Komodo Island

“I’d love to stay on a pinisi boat someday, like that one there,” I said to Vindhya, while pointing to a huge wooden boat parked at the Labuan Bajo port. I said that on our last trip to Komodo Island last month. It would be nice to sail a beautiful boat in such a marvelous place like Komodo National Park.

And there I was, on a pinisi boat named the Blue Dragon. I didn’t think my dreams would come true as fast as this, but I’m psyched that it did! The last 2 nights of the Terios 7 Wonders road trip was spent on a boat and sailing to Komodo National Park. This park was the last ‘wonder’ of the trip and we finally made it in seemingly one piece.

Komodo Island

It was such a sensation to be on a 5 year-old wooden boat made by the engineering of my ancestors. The pinisi is a traditional boat of the Bugis and Makassar people. These boats are widely used around the country as both cargo and passenger ships. This might sound a bit overdramatic but it felt like a full circle to sail on the ships of my ancestors to this relatively remote part of the world.

Pinisi boats are usually used for luxury cruises. It was also a bit of a shock for me being able to change my clothes when ever I please, when usually I save the amount of clothes I use, having a private bathroom, and unlimited electricity. I’m ecstatic to have the opportunity to experience it.

As for activities, we didn’t do a whole lot. We did one dive in Bidadari Island, which was really nice and different to the usual garden-like coral reefs that I’ve done. It was filled with these vines sticking up in the air. The corals were also beautiful, even though there weren’t many fishes. We also swam in the Pink Beach, which became the highlight of my Komodo trip.

Komodo Island

A pit stop to Loh Buaya of Rinca Island was necessary. What is a Komodo trip without seeing a Komodo, right? We only did a very short track up the hills and saw some lazy Komodos underneath a house within the island. They were pretty weird animals in person. They look like cute lizards just lying there doing nothing, but the thought of their poisonous saliva still brings me the chills.

Rinca Island

A big appreciation for Daihatsu and this ‘Terios 7 Wonders: Hidden Paradise’ project. They had brought one car aboard a ship to be transported to Komodo Island. Although the car didn’t land and run through the island as it is prohibited, it did reach the port of the island. That deserves some credit. They took the car as far as it is allowed to go and really realized it to reach all 7 wonders of its journey and not some mere slogan. Salute!

Terios reaching Komodo Island

Highlight: Swimming in Pink Beach

I fell in love again at Pink Beach, Komodo Island. Pink Beach, or also known as the Red Beach, is a stretch of sand on the southeast part of Komodo Island, located on the other side of the cape neighboring to Komodo Village. This beach looked beautiful from afar. It looked secluded with only a few visitors that morning. The colors were a gorgeous contrast between dry brown of the land and fresh blue of the sea. Up close, this beach is even more breathtaking. I could see why this beach is called Pink Beach. The sand was obviously pink; a lot more obvious than Tanjung Ringgit.

Komodo Island

After admiring things on land, it was time for me to jump in the water. The water was undeniably crispy fresh. It was like having an epiphany for the body to swim in cold and clear waters. It has been 2 weeks on the road admiring many of the coastal views of the trip, and yet only having to jump in the sea once. I spilled all of my anticipation for beaches into Pink Beach.

Pink Beach has a beautiful coral reef, which stretches a bit into the ocean. The corals are lively and the fish was abundant. Not only were there many fishes, they also vary in size. From the cutest little fishes to medium ones, which were about 60 cm in length, swam about.

Komodo Island

It might have been the perfect temperature of the water or the fact that I’ve been waiting a while for an opportunity to swim like this in the past couple of weeks, but something made feel like I was home. Head over heels I re-enjoyed swimming, duck diving, seeing so many cute fishes, icky sea cucumbers, swaying corals, floating, and being the fish that I can be in the water. I can’t really pinpoint what really did the trick. Somehow, I just felt like home and belonged.

I heart Pink Beach, probably just like many that had visited.

PS: Sadly, I’ve found a few trash floating in the water, probably washed in by the current, as I refuse to believe anyone would trash this beautiful beach. To those visiting, please bring your trash back on your boat to be disposed on the mainland. Please keep our beaches clean. *smooch!

*This post is in accordance to the Terios 7 Wonders trip but the opinions are my own

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7 years ago

pengeen bgt ke komodo.. :G

7 years ago

The phinisi you pointed to me is not as good as Blue Dragon… Lucky you!