Terios 7 Wonders: Surviving My New Family to Sawarna Beach

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Day 1. Destination: Sawarna Beach.

“This would be your family for the next 14 days.” I’ve been hearing this since a day prior to my trip. It sounded like some cliché. It didn’t really hit me until Vira reminded me that it was only day one of our Terios 7 Wonders road trip.

For 2 weeks, I’ll be traveling in one of the 7 Daihatsu cars. An awesome coincident is that I’m born on the 7th of July and I was put in car number 7. I should be so lucky.

sawarna beach

This year, Daihatsu Terios is exploring 7 hidden paradises on the 14578 km (about 9058 miles) distance from Jakarta to Komodo Island, which I’m intrigued to see. Who wouldn’t want to see paradise, right? Out of the 24 people, Lucia Nancy and I were the only girls on the trip. Can’t decide just yet if this works to our advantage. In a smaller scale, I’ll be traveling in a car with Lucy, Bems, and Boski. This would be my immediate family. Everything I need, they will assist. Everything I do, they will accompany. Everything I gossip about, well, they would have to listen anyways. That’s one of the art of a road trip, you’re stuck with the people you’re traveling with, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

sawarna beach

I’ve had a few road trips in my life and this would be the furthest. I’m excited to try out this car that just came out of the factory, especially later on Sumbawa Island. After today’s ride, I can say that the new Daihatsu Terios is a great car for a family road trip but isn’t the best car for an adventurous journey. The car struggled up a few steep hills although we managed to pass through them. Boski, our voluntarily driver, is an ex-racer that knows his cars. Even in good hands, the car wasn’t the best vehicle on steep slopes. But, the rest was good so far. Personally, I’m loving the big windows of the mid passenger’s seat.


Highlight: Some Me Time at Sawarna Beach


sawarna beach

We made it to Sawarna Beach! Located on the south west coast of Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, this beach is usually known amongst surfers. There were only a handful in the water and I bet they were enjoying the luxury of having such a small amount of surfers in the water. Its rough waves, relatively quiet beach, and location that isn’t aligned with the other main destinations of Java, are what I consider as an off the beaten spots for travelers, especially for foreigners.

Sawarna Beach

Sawarna beach

Sawarna Beach is nice. Soft brownish white sand and blue water stretched far from east to west. The beach faces the west, providing VIP seats to a possible orange sunset.

sawarna beach

I decided to just sit at a shack looking out to the water. The sounds of waves were soothing. All I did was just sit with my cup of instant coffee from Pak Roim’s small stall and stare into the ocean. It’s been a while since I just let the world pass in front of me. I had just resigned from my job and it seemed that I hadn’t had the time to digest it all. The moderately quiet and natural Sawarna Beach was just what I needed. No sounds than waves and my thoughts. Didn’t get much resolutions but at least I can hear myself clearer now. It’s saying ‘This would either make or break you.’ Yeah! That’s clear enough. It was good to hear that while facing the rumbling ocean and the orange sunset.

Sawarna is the first of the 7 hidden paradises of this road trip and I agree on how nice it is. On a personal note, this paradise will have a soft spot for me. It’s the place where I had the chance to listen to myself again. Now, isn’t that what paradises are for, aside to getting a tan? 🙂

sawarna beach

Pelabuhan Ratu beach, a stop on the way to Sawarna.

*This post is in accordance to the Terios 7 Wonders trip but the opinions are my own

Our next destination: Kinahrejo here.

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6 years 7 months ago

Hallo mbak Murni Mumun (*liat nama twitter)
Aku Rizka
Aku boleh nanya gak mba?
1. Bagaimana perasaan mbak sebagai perempuan mengikuti 7wonder? Ada kendala gak? Katanya kalo ke Pulau Komodo cewe lagi menstruasi gak boleh masuk yah?
2. Perjalanan 7wonder kan lama banget tuh. Bagaimana mbak mengatasi perjalanan yg lama itu? Gak capek di mobil terus?
3. Apa suka duka dan kesan mbak selama menjadi bagian dari 7wonder?
4. Menurut mbak terios bener2 worth it yah? Gak ada masalah sama sekali?

Salam kenal mbak

6 years 7 months ago
Sure. 1. The trip was awesome! I loved the journey and I had so much fun. I had no significant obstacle so everything was dandy 🙂 Yes, that’s true. Girls having their period can’t enter the island. The komodos are sensitive to the scent of blood. 2. There were times when I was tired, but most of the time I wasn’t. I was too distracted with the many things I saw and the activities we did. How to deal with it? Umm.. make the most of it I guess. Enjoy what you see 🙂 3. Ummm I guess my outline… Read more »
6 years 7 months ago

5. Apa objek favorit kamu selama perjalanan 7wonders?