The Fancy and Family Friendly Hotel Tentrem, Yogyakarta

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As I mentioned in the post about Yats Colony hotel, I had spent a night at Hotel Tentrem the previous night. This five-star hotel designed in a sophisticated modern Colonial style exudes luxury from the moment you step in the lobby.

Space Is Luxury

First of all, it is capacious, which is a sign of luxury in Yogyakarta that’s getting crowded. From the lobby to the guest rooms, to the mezzanine and to the children’s playground, my niece and nephew could freely run around and even cartwheel without having to bump into other running children. Second, the finishing uses a lot of marbles and other lavish details. A huge chandelier hangs from the high ceiling, and upon my stay there was a big snowball in the main lobby. Something I rarely see in this country, not even in the big shopping malls.

Whether or not the design is beautiful, is a matter of taste. I personally find Tentrem Hotel is a bit too much in its attempt to show luxury, at the same time a bit too conventional. It feels like some of the details are screaming to get attention, like the glowing reception desk against the batik-patterned backdrop with a floral-patterned carpet in front of it. But I totally love the spaciousness. It also has big windows, which let so much light come in, which makes the rooms feel even larger. As a person who grew up in a house with big glass windows, this kinda made me feel home.

Room Facilities

We stayed at two Deluxe Rooms. Each has two single beds, where each can actually fit two persons of average Asian size. I shared a bed with Mom and nobody got pushed down the floor. There is also a sofa, so the room can actually sleep five people. So the room wouldn’t be pretty costly if you shared it with friends or a whole family and you’d still get a decent space (check the price on their website).

A desk, a credenza and a flat TV are to be expected. My nephew and his dad happily stay in the room and plug the Play Station chord to the TV. The mini bar is included in the room rate, though there isn’t much interesting stuff in it. The wifi connection was great, I could even watch Netflix on my phone.  

The bathroom is also ‘wow’. The toilet is separated from the shower, which I have found in some other luxury hotels before (Hotel Tugu Bali and The Venetian Macao). But honestly, I find that a bit of a hassle because there’s just too many doors. But hey, at least they are side by side.

Swimming Pool and Kids Facilities

My sister and I like to swim in the pool of any hotel that we stay at, as long as it looks clean. Hotel Tentrem’s pool shape is basic, rectangle, but it is quite big and that’s how we like it. The infinity pool faces a view of a neighborhood with houses and trees in between. Not much of a view but the outdoorsy feel is nice enough. And the best time to start swimming for us was no later than 7 am when there was almost nobody to share the pool with. There is a bar at the opposite end of the infinity side, where there is also a few games like air hockey table.

We stayed at Hotel Tentrem at the New Year’s holiday, which means there were a lot of family guests, like us. I’m usually easily bothered by screaming children running around, but I think because this hotel has spacious everything, I didn’t actually feel bothered. Near the pool bar, there is an indoor playground where the young kids can go crazy. “Wow, the playground is big, like the ones at the shopping malls in Jakarta!” was how my sister put it.

The Breakfast Conundrum

With all the large spaces and ‘only’ four floors of rooms, it surprised me that the breakfast hall had to be extended to the corridor outside of it. Even so, there was still a long line of people just to be seated. Of all the times I’ve stayed in a hotel in the peak season, this was the first time that we had to take a number to have breakfast!

It was not convenient, and it would be annoying if our number didn’t get called until 10 am, because apparently they did not plan to extend the closing time for breakfast. I have no idea whether there was any guest who didn’t get called until the end, but I’m sure some just skipped it and ate out, judging from the speed that our number got called.

As for the food, there were a lot of variations, from Chinese to Indonesian food, to Japanese and Western food. Taste-wise, they were alright, nothing really outstanding. I had to skip the omelet, my favorite hotel breakfast, just to avoid a long que.

So, would I recommend Hotel Tentrem? 

For a family vacation especially with children, yes.

It’s not just about the capaciousness and children facilities, but also it’s located quite in the city center, north of the Malioboro street, so it’s pretty convenient to get around Yogyakarta.

Hotel Tentrem Yogyakarta

Jl. P. Mangkubumi 72A, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

+62 274 6415555

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