Traveling to Puncak – How Drinking Milk Affects My Travels

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I might be a cow in the past life. My current life is a little too close to cows compared to others. How? Well, my real name is Murni, which translates to ‘pure’ and, in Indonesia, is awfully closely related to the word milk or ‘susu’. I grew up bullied as ‘susu murni’ or pure milk. Until today, people questioning whether I was pure or not. I grew up with a mother that believed I had to drink milk everyday, until I was in college. I was never the skinny one in any of my posy. And now, I can be easily found at the chiller area in supermarkets, staring at dairy products for a long time. It had been dairy all my life, up to a few days ago when I had the chance to be invited to Cimory properties.

Me and cow go way back - Cimory Riverside
Me and cow go way back!

Cimory is an abbreviation of Cisarua Mountain Dairy. It’s one of the local dairy products in Indonesia, which farm started in Cisarua area, up in the mountains. It actually started its business producing fresh milk before branching into the sour dairy product as most Indonesians have known it to be. On the day, we visited its first restaurant, where everything started: Cimory Mountain View.

Cimory Mountain View is located on KM 77 on the Cianjur road. Overlooking a green valley and mountain in the distance, it is a pleasant open space restaurant. It’s mostly like many restaurants in the area, with a view, but differentiates in menu with many dishes and beverages heavy on dairy products. Learning that Cimory’s main product was milk, I couldn’t resist of ordering a warm glass of milk for that crisp morning.

My travelmates to Cimory
A funny bunch of ladies.


Why you should drink local milk when traveling?

The warm white thick liquid brought back a lot of memories of my childhood. I was taken back to the days I had to leave for school but not before I chugged my glass of milk. My mother would stand beside me to make sure that I did. The fatty layer that formed on top of my milk gave that extra kick of memory when I used to gag because of it, thinking it was gross, when in fact it’s not. But it also reminded me how my mother would then send me off into the world knowing she fed her daughter, because I was not not so a breakfast person.

A glass of warm milk at Cimory Mountain View
Decided to try their main product. A cup of fresh milk.

The Cimory milk isn’t as thick as some of the best milk I’ve tasted, especially milk in abroad countries. However, it was slightly richer in taste, somewhere between sweet and savory, which I know works better with the Indonesian market. “But why isn’t it as good as the milk abroad?” a travel mate wondered. “The water!” Trinity Traveler, the first travel blogger in Indonesia, and I answered simultaneously. We believed local food taste varies because of the quality of the local produce. The more local the ingredient, the more distinct the taste.

In the case of Cimory, despite they initially had New Zealand cows to begin with, they have continued to breed them in Indonesia and raise them eating local grass and drinking local water. That is basically the principle of trying local food when traveling, no matter how ordinary the menu such as a glass of fresh milk. It has far less carbon footprint because it’s not imported. And it was particularly delicious with the view and funny travel mates.

One of the cow ready for milking
This was really awkward.

What’s with Moo Moo Roll?

Having milk as their main product, Cimory has successfully made a dairy empire. Its main product is not just milk and yogurt. Chocomory is their brand of snacks with ingredients containing their milk. They have chocolate nibbles, cookies, and their proud product: a rolled up cow, Moo Moo Roll.

Moo Moo Roll for breakfast
Is it a cake or a cow’s leg?

Moo Moo Roll is a rolled sponge cake that mimics a cow. It has a moist cake texture, not overly sweet cream in between and various tastes, including yogurt flavor. I’m not much of a cake person as cakes tend to be dry, but I do enjoy how moist the Moomoo Roll is, and yet, fluffy at the same time. Considering Cimory takes their dairy products seriously, they also added cow spots on the cake, making it look like a cow’s body. It’s appropriate for its tagline: ‘sapi di-roll’ or a rolled up cow.

I ain’t kidding, that’s the tagline, which is adorably funny.

Rolling the cow for Moo Moo Roll Cimory.
Rolling the cow for Moo Moo Roll Cimory.

The Moo Moo Roll is available at most Cimory outlets, but its main shop is at Chocomory store, Jalan Pajajaran 18, Bogor. Chocomory shop itself occupies one of the heritage houses, designed by Frederich Silaban, the architect of Istiqlal Mosque. The outside façade is maintained clean and white, while the inside is like a chocolate snack wonderland. I don’t have any details on this, but kudos to Chocomory in maintaining the exterior! Its grand opening is on the 2nd December 2018.

For more information about the event, head to this instagram account. 


Museum Lulu, Cimory Riverside & a special mention to Bavarian Culinary House

Aside to the Cimory Mountain View restaurant, Cimory also has a few venues great for family vacation. Cimory Riverside, particularly, has a supermarket for Cimory products on top of a mini aquarium, a zoo where you can touch a spotted milking cow, and a trick art museum called Museum Lukisan Lucu (Museum Lulu).

But my special mention has to be Bavarian Culinary House, a restaurant and shop which specializes in sausages. Its recipe was from a German chef and is done right. I didn’t know such house existed in Indonesia but it did and I figured it would be Vira’s wonderland (‘cause she’s a die hard fan of the wiener). My favorite of the day was the cheese kreiner, but kudos for the rendang sausage, blending east and west at the same time. And they serve beer!

Three different sausages from Bavarian Culinary Haus
A yummy sausage platter in Indonesia is hard to find. Here’s one of them.

I guess I will never know whether I was a cow in the past life or not. But it feels like I won’t be too far from cows anytime soon. I still enjoy a glass of fresh milk once in a while. I don’t know what it brings me as I’m not a baby cow in dire need of cow nutrition. Maybe, it’s a reminder of home and my mother, which offer a sense of calmness and that homey taste I get in a glass of milk, bringing the illusion that everything will be OK. But, that only says one thing. That Mama cow successfully made this baby cow a fan of milk!

Reincarnated from a cow
I still enjoy my glass of milk.
Plush cows for kids at Chocomory outlets.
Plush cows for kids at Chocomory outlets.


rendang sausage
Rendang sausage at Bavarian Culinary Haus, Puncak.


Delicious apple struddle from Bavarian Culinary Haus
Delicious apple struddle from Bavarian Culinary Haus.
A set of Cimory yogurt and a few milk cartons
A set of Cimory yogurt and a few milk cartons.
To end things about Cimory
To end things about Cimory is an cow’s ass.

The trip was an invitation to Cimory properties but the opinion were my own. 

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