Vacation in Batu Karas, West Java – Monday Photos

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vacation in batukaras


One of the greatest gifts a travel blogger can get is to travel with no itinerary and no actual plan. That is just what I did last weekend. Having still a holiday blues, I’m not going to write a long post, just posting up some pictures on things I loved the most from my vacation in Batu Karas.

Taking my time to sketch what was in front of me while watching the sunrise. And it’s sweet to have a travel mate who takes candid photos of you.

vacation in batukaras

Watching surfers hit the waves just after sunrise. This is a kid surfer, having no fear and no second thoughts when he saw waves coming his way.

vacation in batukaras

Riding westward on a motorbike for about an hour from Batukaras to Madasari beach. Children were playing around the fisherman’s boat just before setting out to the sea.

vacation in batukaras

Hiking up a bit to view the Madasari cliff, seeing it being hit by the south sea waves. Seriously, this picture doesn’t do the scenery justice.

vacation in Batukaras

Reading our friends The Dusty Sneakers’ book until I fell asleep on the hammock, provided by the AirBnb.


All in all, going on a vacation in Batukaras was a time well spent. It has never failed me.

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What’s your favorite vacation destination?


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4 years 11 months ago

aku mau dong diculik kesana juga hehehe

4 years 11 months ago

pas masih berdinas di Ciamis, tempat inilah pelarian dari kepenatan kerja.