Visit Jakarta! – What a Visitor Has to Say About It.

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“My daughter loves Jakarta”, Vira and I froze with a weird twitch in our faces when we heard this expats statement. A young foreigner actually loves this chaotic city whereas the people itself curse it beyond anything? *Gasp* Could this be? We gotsta see what she says about this!

Meet Elise Blume, a young Australian that visited Jakarta for a couple of weeks. Let’s hear what she has to say about the Indonesia’s capital J.

visit Jakarta


First and foremost, yes I would definitely recommend Jakarta to international travelers and remain confused as to why no one has done the same to me! It really would surprise you how many people, Australians especially, who would define Bali as Indonesia. While it certainly is beautiful, there is so much more to see and do in the rest of Indonesia, Jakarta included!

I thought it might be helpful for me to outline some of the things I liked about Jakarta?
The food. The breadth, variety, quality and value of food in Jakarta is truly staggering. From amazing Indonesian to Chinese, Mexican, Italian and a mammoth of fusion restaurants, the night life scene in Jakarta is buzzing with a multitude of truly trendy and interesting places to eat and drink with a distinct multicultural flair. I was surprised no one has told me about this before.

visit Jakarta

The view from above. I would strongly recommend that during an International visitor’s stay in Jakarta they go to the top of a tall building at least once to get a feel for the scale of the city. At night especially the view is beautiful as the Jakarta metropolis seems to go on forever! One of the highlights of my trip was Skye Bar and Restaurant (on top of the BCA building) that would be a superb case and point.

visit Jakarta

Monas at night – 2012

The unavoidable tour. Yes traffic in Jakarta is notoriously bad. It can take a hugely varied amount of time to get anywhere but as a tourist I actually found the traffic didn’t bother me at all because there is SO much to see outside. I would hate people to miss the vintage Singer sewing machines that are pushed in small carts down roads for clothing alteration and repair. I would hate for people to miss the fruit and snack sellers who stand on street corners with an amazing array of brightly covered bags or bunches of flowers and finally I would hate people to miss the diversity that exists across Jakarta from tree-lined residential streets, to grand presidential statues, and huge fountain roundabouts. I would urge tourists (and perhaps locals alike!) to treat driving around Jakarta as an experience in itself and not a drudgery.

visit Jakarta

The fashion was also amazing in Jakarta with a true depth and variety in labels, prices and styles. The number of malls and shopping centers (each with a distinct style) was fantastic and, happily, I was there during Jakarta Sale time so some of the reductions were incredible! It was also fantastic to watch people and grab a cup of coffee in one of Jakarta’s many shopping centers, which was a great way to experience a slice of Jakarta life.

Perhaps the thing that impressed me the most were the people of Jakarta who are so warm, welcoming and inviting (without being overbearing) and who seem to contain such a strong sense of identity despite their diversity.

visit Jakarta

Overall a bustling, dynamic and crazy city, which I loved, and am looking forward to returning as soon as possible!


There you go! A testimony that Jakarta probably doesn’t utterly suck. Not to mention other budget things to do like the Puppet museum or take a bajaj for the fun of it. To be fair, Elise isn’t a backpacker with a limited time and a limited budget, but she definitely can make the best of what Jakarta can offer her. Heart! 

Thanks Elise *virtually waving*

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RuliDeGreat was here.

6 years 7 months ago

Hi Elise Blume, you’re a sweetheart. How did you guys find her?

6 years 7 months ago

Totally agree. Never been to the puppet museum – have to check it out next time!