Watching Wildlife in Baluran National Park.

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Being a geek has been rewarding the last few years. Everything is pretty much geek-based these days. The Internet boomed, making computer geeks looking good. Geeks even made the fashion scene with pseudo-hipsters wearing bow ties and huge frame glasses, fashion trades of the geeks. Geeks have never been prouder, as I, a bird geek.

I love watching wildlife, especially birds, in their natural habitat. It’s such a joy to see what was meant to be. I’ve said it before here (see, I’m proud). It would be one of my recommendations of things to do in Baluran National Park, which I might add, is one of the best places to see wildlife.

Baluran National Park - butterfly

Baluran National Park has a lot to offer. Not only has it got animals often running around without being too threatened by the presence of human beings, it also has a whole lot of ecosystems, which provide a wide range of different wildlife. My fondest memory of this park was when I saw a peacock on top of a tree. You would think a bird with such a heavy tail wouldn’t be able to lift their junk up the first branch, right? Wrong! They fly, my friend! They do. That was far more impressive than their luscious metallic feathers, especially for the male load of a tail.  And seeing a male peacock run is like seeing a girl trying to skedaddle in an evening dress. It’s pretty funny!

 Baluran National Park - birdwatching

Also, one of the most definite animals to see is the deer herd that usually prances around the savanna. They’re pretty sensitive to humans so we can’t get too close to them, but you can see them in an enjoyable distance. No, they won’t succumb to you if you approach it like they do with princesses. And yes, I know that based on my personal experience. Do keep an eye for that alpha male. He’s usually not too far from the main group. He’s so gorgeous and macho with its antlers reaching for the sky. Rrrrr!

Baluran National Park - wildlife watching

Look deers! 

As a bird geek, I have to say, aside to seeing a peacock in the wild, Baluran National Park has a few other gems. Because it’s located on the coast, it’s the place to see some free flying hornbills. Their pretty distinctive during flight as their wings flap really loudly. The Jungle Fowl is also one of my favorites. Their striking metallic and colorful feathers was a sight for sore eyes amongst the dry grass at the time. I can still recall how beautiful they were.

There are so many other animals to see in Baluran, such as the wild buffalos that love to mud bath at the Bekol waterhole, the uncontrollable monkeys, and giant lizards. Did I mention you could go snorkeling and meet the marine life, too? Baluran is rich, I tell you!

 Baluran National Park - buffalos out at the water whole

But why should you visit a place like Baluran National Park? Why should anyone see the animals in the wild?

The varieties of animals in the wild are beyond our imagination. What we see in the zoo are merely the popular animals. In terms of bird, I’ve seen about 200 species of birds in the wild in Indonesia alone all with their signature colors and behavior. Which reminds me, I’ve always wondered why Bulbuls have yellow ass? Is evolution telling me that they need toilet paper?!

Back on focus, 200 species alone is almost impossible to have in one confined facility, except for the Singapore bird park. That place is awesome! So, to see them all is to see them in the wild. You’ll see that they have a life on their own and humans are not the center of the universe. My love of animals in their natural habitat has made me believe that life is bigger than you and me. The world keeps turning without me and that I am humbled by that fact. I’m sure anyone that is a cat lover, being animals that are truly selfish, would dig me 😀

 Baluran National Park - the information and the lizard

With that, we’ll add some tips for a great wildlife watch in Baluran National Park:

–        Better with a ranger. Rangers know the field, the animal behaviors, and the precautions. They can take care of you if anything should happen and they can tell you some great bits and pieces about the local wildlife.

–        Bring your binoculars. Most of the time you won’t be able to get too close to the animals and you’d need this to see closer. The details of wildlife are mind blowing!

–        Wear earthy colored clothes. It will camouflage you in nature. You wouldn’t want a bull on your tail just because you insisted in wearing red.

–        Tone down on the scent. Animals smell but so do you. They can smell you from miles. Tone down your perfume so you don’t caught spying and don’t attract insects.

–        Calm down. It’s a hard thing for me to do, too, but we gotta. Animals can hear you gossip, you know?

–        Bring sunglasses. This time it’s legit to look good. You’ll be out and about for a while, so you might wanna protect your eyes.

–        Don’t forget your camera. You’d want proof that you really did see a peacock in the wild.

And we have a video of that trip to Baluran National Park here.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

My last note on watching life in the wild is based on the element of surprise. It’s a challenge to actually spot animals considering their playground is huge. So once any animal appears, it’s a happy surprise. And don’t we all love surprises?

 Baluran National Park - Who is watching who




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