Water for All as It Should Be – Bogor

Submitted by mumunmumun on 22 November 2010   •  Destination

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For some like us, the natural setting is preferred over man-made venue. Ok, to be fair, there are a lot of man made structures that are pretty awesome, but when it comes to beaches, mountains, forests, rivers, etc, nature does its best. Same goes waterfalls. Who doesn’t love a falling fresh water and swim in it? Unfortunately, the water fall at Curug Luhur, Bogor is far from natural. A sight we saw when we traveled to Curug Luhur. It is now built in to a Water Boom. I’m not gonna go on forever on how nature should not be changed. There is a compromise of this establishment. Because the water source and disposal is natural, this Water Boom can be affordable to a wider range of people. It’s much cheaper than what the usual Water Boom cost. And to that, the hell with nature when more people can enjoy more of what their neighbourhood offers. They have that right.

Travel Indonesia: Bogor

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