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It’s all fun and games until someone rode the thunder!

jungle land

It’s Middle School all over again. I doubted my guts to get on that ride, where I’d be spinned upside down at god knows how high, but my travel mates convinced me to go. Torn between fear and curiosity (in middle school it was between fear and wanting to look cool), I decided to go on the ride. Result? I quite enjoyed the adrenaline rush, but afterwards I almost puked!

The ride that I was talking about is called Petir, translates to thunder. It’s one of the rides in Jungle Land, an amusement park located in Sentul, West Java. I probably wouldn’t have felt that awful after the ride if we didn’t get on another spinning and swinging ride called Disk’O. Some of us made a smart decision by sitting with our bags and laughing at our scared faces from below, but to me being stupid is sometimes more fun!

jungle land

Jungle Land consisted of five zones: Carnivalia, Tropicalia, Mysteria, Eksplora and Science Centre. Each zone has something for grown-ups and children and some rides are still being built. Having only about five hours at the park, we only got to try a few rides. First was the Ferris Wheel for warming up, then Disk’O and Petir, and then the wet rides, Boat Blaster and Water Flume.

If Boat Blaster were a movie, it would attract a lot of viewers from the premise: a ride where you get to be pirates on a ship and shoot water to enemies and other ships. At least it got us queueing for the ride. I was excited because I like games with shooting involved! But, oh boy, were we disappointed with the guns having the ability only to pan a few degrees left and right, and the shooting range was too close. Surprisingly, there were other visitors shooting at us from the fence, and their guns were much better! If we were real pirates, we’d be pirated before we knew it.

jungle land

Since we were wet already, might as well try another ride with water involved. The Water Flume seemed to be a favorite, judging from the long queue. It’s where you get on small boats with 3 seats sliding on track in the water, and you’re supposed to be splashed on the slopes downhill. It’s fun, but I guess it was meant more for the kiddies.

jungle land

Jungle Land definitely suits best for family’s day out, especially families with young children. However, just like in any amusement park, there are groups of teenagers eager to get their adrenaline going, with at least one trying so hard to brave up out of peer pressure. It’s so fun to watch!

jungle land

The sun was almost setting, it was time for us to go. We stopped by for a cup of Starbucks on the way out, passing by the restaurants, food and souvenir stalls. Some restaurants were also still being prepared. Some food stalls are located in the food court, which is divided into Indonesian and Western sections.

I had been curious about Jungle Land since it first opened, in 2012 or so, but never really came around to go there. When Didut, a fellow blogger, contacted us to go on a free ride, of course we accepted it. Though it wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be, I had fun anyway, going on rides with fellow bloggers, most of whom I just met that very day.

jungle land
Picture from Ainun, one of the trip’s organizers.


In light traffic, Jungle Land can be reached in about an hour from Jakarta by car. We got there and back by Nissan New Serena, who made my Jungle Land adventure finally happen. The ride was smooth, aside from stabile suspension also thanks to Popokman the relaxed driver. There were 10 of us divided in 2 cars, one was the Nissan X and one was Nissan Autech. Both are spacious and very convenient for road trips, however the latter easily became my favorite. It’s got a sunroof where I could get lost in the night sky view and saw moving tree branches from unusual point of view.

The ride ended the day of many things new. New friends, new “jungle” experience, in a new car.

 jungle land


Jungle Land
Jungleland Boulevard No. 1
Kawasan Sentul Nirwana
Sentul City
Bogor – Indonesia
Phone +62 21 29 311 313
e-mail customer.service@jungleland.co.id

website: Jungleland.co.id

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Swastika Nohara
5 years ago

My take on that Water Blaster ride: we were sort of sitting ducks, people can shoot at us and there was not much we could do. Hahahaha… I hate this ride. I should’ve chosen rides that involve going up and spinning upside down.

5 years ago

Age can’t be lied. My dizy things still affect me until next day LOL