Why I Like Jalan Goutama, Ubud, Bali

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I hopped off the Perama shuttle bus at their office on Jalan Hanoman, only a few steps away from Ubud’s famous Bebek Bengil restaurant. I had not booked a place to stay, so I took the Perama staff’s advice to check out the north part of Jalan Goutama for the criteria that I was looking for: a room under IDR300,000/night, an area with easy access to food and a walking distance to Ubud Market.


One of the staff drove me to Jalan Goutama on a motorbike, with my big bagpack placed in between him and the dashboard, with IDR30,000 fare. He dropped me off at the intersection between Jalan Goutama and Jalan Dewi Sita. I randomly checked on two home stays that looked right – totally depending on gut feeling – before I decided to stay at Goutama Home Stay.

jalan goutama


Why I chose Goutama Home Stay:

  • The rate fit my budget: IDR250,000/night for single occupance in a twin room.
  • They had all the facilities I needed: wifi connection, air conditioner, ensuite bathroom, breakfast.
  • The room has large windows facing outside – it’s important for me to wake up to sunshine, a small balcony, and is clean. (I turned down the other guesthouse simply because the remaining room didn’t have any window.)

Other than that, Goutama Home Stay also has/is:

  • Goutama Spa with affordable range of budget. I had a facial treatment only for IDR60,000/hour, for which I’d pay at least double in Jakarta.
  • surrounded by many restaurants, cafes and food stores that sell all sorts of food namely nasi goreng (fried rice), ramen, raw food, to homemade jams and kombucha.
  • only 15 minutes walk to Pasar (market) Ubud where I was going to sketch, and 5 minutes more to Casa Luna restaurant where the UWRF shuttle car was going to stand by.
  • friendly staff and owner. If you need anything just ask them nicely and they’ll try to accommodate your needs.

jalan goutama ubud map

Click here for map


Although there were so many options of places to eat, I only ate at Biah Biah restaurant, right across Goutama Guesthouse, in all the 3 days I stayed there – sometimes I had meals around the UWRF venues on Jalan Sanggingan or at the center.

jalan goutama

I like Biah Biah restaurant because:

  • the ambiance is nice, laid-back and it’s a semi-open house type.
  • I liked all the menu I tried, including nasi goreng, bihun goreng (fried rice vermicelli), gado-gado (veggie salad with peanut sauce), and my highlight would be the apple coconut cake! My judgment might be subjective because I love almost everything coconut.
  • the prices fit my budget. For example, IDR25,000 for a nasi goreng, IDR22,000 for a gado-gado, and IDR17,000 for a slice of apple coconut cake. Whereas in the restaurants around Ubud Center, it’s hard to find something in decent portion for less than IDR40,000.
  • even though busy, the staff were friendly and nice. You just need to be a little bit patient to wait for your turn to be tended in busy hours.
  • they have a bar table that faces to the street. It would be great for people watching, too bad the table was always occupied on my visits.

jalan goutama

Jalan Goutama is dubbed – in a mocking kind of way – as “the hipster street” by two people that I know. Seeing all the vegan, raw food restaurants, kombucha and homemade jam shop, taichi and yoga lesson signs along the street, I wasn’t surprised. I actually like the area because of the varieties offered – and because things are affordable to me. If I was to stay longer, I might just sign up for the tai chi class. I regret for not bringing home the homemade jams. I would’ve peeked in the fashion and jewelery boutiques, but I was actually stopped myself ‘cos I didn’t have the budget to go crazy with the lovely dresses and necklaces they displayed.

jalan goutama


In the middle, Jalan Goutama intersects with Jalan Dewi Sita, a very long street with an array of boutiques – from fashion to soaps, restaurants and accommodations. Some Jakarta people that I know are crazy about the massage oils of Blue Stone, the homemade jam of Kou, both shops nestle on Jalan Dewi Sita.

On the north end, Jalan Goutama intersects with Jalan Raya Ubud, which is the busy main street of Ubud town, often jammed with cars in the weekend. Ice cream parlors, mini marts, fancy restaurants and Indonesian chain coffee shop Anomali are within short walking distance from the intersection.

jalan goutama

Most shops are closed at 9 or 10 pm, so the street gets pretty dark afterwards since the street lamps are almost non-existing. Although it’s relatively safe to walk there at night, there’s no harm in putting extra carefulness. Some more things that I like about Jalan Goutama is that there was only a few stray dogs roaming the streets – and none was bothering me by following or barking at me like my experience last year when staying at Taman Mesari on Jalan Sandat, and the street is so alive from afternoon until around 10 pm that I wouldn’t have to worry about being lonely staying by myself.

Do you have a favorite street in any destination?


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Arian Sahidi
4 years 7 months ago

Saya suka menghabiskan waktu di jalan ini, serasa sok jadi turis haha

4 years 7 months ago

nice place..
nice people..
and of course, nice blog.. 😀

4 years 7 months ago

what a trip, you just make me jealous,
i don’t have enough time for traveling like you

3 years 7 months ago

Ah, another nice recommendation. I always stay in Jalan Monkey Forrest everytime I visit Ubud. I thought, I’d like to stay in another place just to have more experience about it. And I think, I would love to stay in Jalan Goutama, if I have a chance to visit Ubud again. Thanks for the recommendation, nice story anyway 🙂