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Yats Colony hotel in Yogyakarta has been around for a few years. I had been wanting to stay there because it looks so cute in photos. But I had only the chance to dine in the Yats Colony restaurant in 2017. I liked it because the food was delicious and the ambiance was comfortable. Finally I had the chance to spend a night in Yats Colony hotel just after the New Year 2019.

yats colony tunnel

The Room

I tagged along with my sister and her family and my Mom on a vacation and we booked 2 rooms. They have uncommon classifications, not the usual Superior, Deluxe and so on, but HA, NA, CA, and other alphabets. I stayed at the RA room, which has twin beds, a sofa and a desk facing the pool, and the room is on the second floor.

The layout was pretty tight, not meaning awesome like today’s lingo, but tight as in pretty narrow. There was no cupboard or a suitcase table and it wouldn’t fit any. The only spot to store our clothes was the small hanging clothes organizer.

yats colony room 1

The bathroom feels even tighter. Getting the toilet tissue roll wet is highly possible when you’re showering. There is no divider between the the toilet and the shower. And I hate having a soaked tissue roll because what’s the point?

However, the bed is comfy. The design is typical scandi cool (a term I just made up). And I love that light comes in abundantly from the wide window. And, everything worked well, from the phone to the air conditioner.

yats colony amenity

The Architecture and Common Spaces

Instagram pictures had fooled me. Upon my arrival to Yats Colony hotel, I was taken aback that the whole area felt so narrow. Yup, not just the room, but the corridors and pool area too. I’m not an expert on this, but I have a feeling that the thick walls that separate the entrance and the row of rooms which I stayed at might contribute to the narrowness, even though it had patterned holes.

yats colony walls

The trees on the sides of the pool and the curvy shape of the pool made the pool area felt narrow too. Add to it, the hotel was pretty fully booked, so there were so many guests including screaming children (including my niece and nephew), so I felt kinda suffocated (a bit hyperbolic here). The magic of wide lenses had fooled me. Yet, I was there taking pictures with the lens I brought, the wide lens. The next morning I woke up early and rushed to the pool before any kid did. It was lovely to have it all for me. Suddenly Yats Colony hotel felt a little bit more spacious.

yats colony pool

To be fair, I might have felt that everything was so narrow because we had just stayed at Tentrem Hotel the night before, which is much more spacious, but also in a higher star-rating. 

Overall, Yats Colony has a lot of playful elements, from the cute character murals at the tunnel entrance to the shapes of the building. No wonder that it became an Instagram hit. Almost every spot is ‘instagrammable’. On my brief stay, I encountered countless OOTD-like photo sesh, and probably photobombed many of them.

 yats colony tunnel


The Restaurant

 Contrary to the whole hotel, the restaurant feels pretty spacious. Maybe it’s the layout which doesn’t incorporate too many dividers. There are a tables with chairs, sofas, and stools, keeping up with the playfulness of the whole property.

yats colony restaurant

But the most important thing is, they make delicious food. I have tried the Thai Roast Beef Salad, Chicken and Curry Dutch Bitterballen, Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf and Chicken Noodle. They’re all yummo but my most recommended one is the Steamed Fish in Banana Leaf, in which they use dory fish and serve it with steamed rice. Don’t ask me about the details because that’s not how I remember my food.

yats colony food 

The Extras at Yats Colony Hotel

Yats Colony hotel has two iconic mini becaks in front of the restaurant. Becak is one of the traditional transportations in Yogyakarta, and children can have fun riding them. I also rode it and it wasn’t as easy as I thought because of the smallness.

yats colony becak

The reception area is nothing like the usual hotel reception. You go in the restaurant building, which is the first building you see right after the parking lot. Inside, you turn far left, go through the gift shop/boutique, and you’ll see a cashier desk. And that is where you check-in and check-out.

There a lot of nicely designed merchandise at the shop, and I think most of them (if not all) are locally made. But I think they are overpriced, or maybe I’m just not their target market.

* *

So. Would I stay at Yats Colony again? I think I would, but only on weekdays, in low season, and not in a big group.

Location-wise it’s not really in the center of tourist area, but only a little less than 5 km to the Tugu monument. However, traffic in Yogyakarta is getting denser and denser, and the many traffic lights slow down the pace pretty significantly.

Yats Colony

Jl. Patangpuluhan No.23, Wirobrajan, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +62 274 375948

me in the yats colony pool

yats colony pool

yats colony room

yats colony walls

yats colony walls

yats colony restaurant

yats colony food

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