Friday Photo from Maluku- Never too Shy to Hold Hands

Submitted by mumunmumun on 2 December 2011   •  Blog

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Maluku can mistakenly be translated to ‘malu’ which means shy or ashamed, and ‘-ku’ is a suffix suggesting ‘mine’. So Maluku means my shyness or my shame. But these Maluku men are not ashamed to show that they’re holding hands. No, they’re not gay, and there’s nothing wrong in being one too. Holding hands is a gesture of friendliness even amongst men in the East of Indonesia. It might be something that most men would have goose bumps for, but I’ve seen it everywhere here. It’s a sign of being pals. So dear male creatures of the earth, don’t be shy to show you’re friends with another male and hold their hands. I’m sure The Beatles meant the song as a unisex thing. *power of love, man!

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