Hotel Insider Secrets – 5 of the Best Kept Hotel Front Desk Secrets

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The hotel industry is amazingly profitable, and that means that there is always a certain degree of wiggle room present – even if the front desk staff say otherwise. There are tips and tricks that will help you understand the ways hotels actually function on a day-to-day basis. Here are five of the best kept hotel secrets, reported from actual front desk staff members. Use these tips to maximize the enjoyment of your stays – and to minimize your expenditures.


Hotel’s Secret #1: How To Avoid Getting “Walked”.

Hotels commonly overbooked. They do so because there is about an 11% no-show rate on any given day. If not enough people failed to show up for their reservations, then the hotel is, in fact, overbooked. And some people “walked”. That means they get turned away, with no room. And while most hotels will pay for a walked guest to stay at a competitor’s hotel, the situation is never desirable. Those most likely to get walked are those who only booked for a single night, those who used discount sites to book, those who are first-time guests that may never come back – and those who act rude to the staff.

Hotel’s Secret #2: Hotels Are Rolling In Cash (Most Times, Anyway).

The hotel industry is nearly always booming. Go to an Accor hotel in any major city, on any modestly important date, and see that it is probably booked almost to capacity. American business thrives on traveling, and hotels consistently capitalize. It’s reported that the average cost for a hotel to operate a single room for one day is about $35. That includes everything from the utilities to the housekeeper to the staff expenses. So, when you, and every other guest are paying $150 per night, the hotel is raking the dough.


Hotel’s Secret #3: Mini Bars Are Always FREE!

Well, sort of. You see, the area that is commonly failed with error in a hotel concerns the mini bar. These get stocked incorrectly, inventoried incorrectly, and experience more human error than any other aspect of hotel operation. Front desk staff get tired and embarrassed of constantly having to debate who drank what, what was stocked originally and the rest. The staff does not want to insult its valued guests, and therefore are often very accommodating to just letting those charges slide.

Hotel’s Secret #4: Discount Booking Sites Don’t Always Save You Money.

In general, rooms that are booked on discount comparison sites are not the best the hotel has to offer. In fact, they are normally the worst ones. They save the better rooms for guests who are paying their regular prices. It is just a fact. So think twice when you are “saving” with a hotel comparison discount website.

Hotel’s Secret #5: Want An Upgrade? Tip The Desk Staff.

There are always rooms reserved for special circumstances. The front desk staff has the power to allot these rooms in circumstances that they dictate as important. The fact is that, most times, if you just slip the front desk staff member a tip, say like $20, then, amazingly, rooms open up, smiles get bigger and everything seems to fall right into place. This is a fact. So, to get an upgrade when one apparently does not exist, show some cash and make it better.


Knowing the insider secrets on how hotels operate make sure your travels and lodging life a lot more enjoyable. Higher quality rooms, superior service, upgrade amenities and more are available to those who get educated – and then use their knowledge to create enhanced enjoyment at the hotels they stay in.


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