Another Post About Ubud Activities Because It’s Just Charming – Ubud, Bali

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We tried. We tried not to write about Bali again and again. But what can we do? The island has endless charm and I happened to stumble into yet more interesting things on my trip there to attend the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. So here we are again, summarizing the stories we’ve written about Ubud activities and a few more things you might need to know for your trip to this lovely highland in Bali.


Ubud Activities


Herbal Walk Tour

Known for the rice paddies, there are so many Ubud activities revolving the green terrace. One can walk on the pathways, sometimes even bike there. What I did was take the Herbal Tour, getting to know about Balinese herbs with an experienced guide. It was like learning something new with the beautiful scenery as the reward.

Click this to find out what I learned about Balinese herbs.

Ubud Activities

The tour guide explaining about hibiscus.

Spa at Pita Maha

Eventhough Ubud is highland; it can get pretty hot and sunny, especially in the dry season. A pampering session at the spa after varied outdoor Ubud activities would be a smart choice.

Here’s how my friend Sefin and I indulged in the infinity pool and spa of Pita Maha, just click here.

Ubud Activities

Swimming in the infinity pool after a spa session.

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

It’s an annual event and it attracts international participants, both the speakers and attendees. It doesn’t only consist of book discussions, but also cultural performances, cooking demo, and my most favorite were the sketching classes and poetry slam. To me, the event is about almost anything creative and you don’t have to be a bookworm to enjoy the event; take me for example.

Here’s my take on Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in 2014, and I’m thinking about going to the next one.

Ubud activities include so many more, you can check out our older posts on some of them. This one was about downhill biking and this one was basically all about Bali but it also has some things on Ubud.

Ubud Activities

One of the Kitchen sessions at UWRF, talking about spices.


Warung Kelapa

You cannot be out of food choices when in Indonesia. We love food. However, when in Ubud on a very very tight budget, I had to choose wisely where to eat. Thank God for Warung Kelapa! It’s the only restaurant that fit my budget around the main area of UWRF’s venues on Jalan Sanggingan. It’s also a good place if you want to try Indonesian food for real.

Here’s my review on Warung Kelapa restaurant.

Ubud Activities

The building is in Javanese style.




Taman Mesari Guesthouse

Lately I’ve been using Airbnb services whenever I can. So many variety of accommodations are listed there with a wide range of prices, including the ones in Ubud. With the budget I had, which was under US20/night, I settled for Taman Mesari. Though it wouldn’t be my top choice if I had more budget, it was not bad at all, considering service, cleanliness and space.

Here’s what I thought about Taman Mesari.


Ubud Activities

One of the rented rooms in the compound.



Public transportation can be tricky in Ubud, or in Bali in general. That’s why I thought I needed ot summarize what I know about the transportation in case you’re lost, too.

Here’s how to get to Ubud and to get around when you’re there.


Ubud Activities

Scooters fit the narrow streets of Ubud best.


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Zahra Rabbiradlia
5 years ago

ah aku pengen banget ke Ubud Writers and Readers Festivel 🙂

5 years ago

i love ubud bali ..hehe

Indrakurniadi Travel Blog

Wah..pengen banget dateng ke Ubud writers and readers festival, ini dibuka utk umum ya mba? Thanks infonya 🙂

4 years ago

Yes, it’s open from public but there’s an admittance fee for participants.