Baluran National Park, East Java

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There’s not enough emphasis on how fun it is traveling national parks. True, I’m a relative nature geek, but traveling with those that aren’t and still had so much fun, could concur that national parks are enjoyable. They’re not all about dense forests (although they’re awesome), but also about nature at its best *fingers crossed*. What’s even better is that some national parks are actually accessible and can be enjoyed not just by environmental enthusiasts, but all who are looking for a different scene to any commercial destination. One of my favorites has to be Baluran National Park, not only because of its wildlife watching activities, but its exhilarating savanna safari experience. Feels like I’m one step closer to Africa.

 Baluran - Savanna


Wildlife Watching

Watching animals has its challenges. Trying to find them is the first thing. Trying to actually have enough time to see them is another. Then there’s the challenge to take pictures of them just so your encounter won’t be considered a hoax. Most of the time, watching wildlife would be really hard, but it’s not as so in Baluran National Park.

Find out what we saw in this link here.

Baluran - wildlife watching 


Baluran Savanna

If you’ve seen much of Indonesia’s promotional material, you’ll know that Indonesia is about green scenery from lush forests to green rice paddy fields. It’s pretty much the same idea I’ve had about Indonesia, especially about Java. Until, I came across to Baluran’s savanna, which I didn’t think existed on Java.

Oh I do have to add that stargazing at the savanna during a clear night is a moment worth ‘wild’. The Milky Way is just there.

Here’s more about the savanna.

 Baluran - levitate at the savanna

Swimming at Bama Beach

While the savanna might be our most exciting feature within the national park, it’s not the only thing to enjoy during a visit. The Bama Beach is located about 15 km from the park’s gate and on the east edge of Java. You can swim, snorkel, and canoe around shallow waters.

More on the Bama Beach is on this link here.

Baluran - sunrise at Bama Beach


A video of this trip was made, which you can watch by clicking here. This trip was done with the Mount Ijen trip with the link here.



How to get there and around Baluran National Park

Baluran is located on the eastern side of Java, not far from the Java-Bali sea crossing.

From Surabaya

You can catch a bus heading to Banyuwangi from Bungurasih Bus Station – Surabaya, East Java. Tickets are about IDR 50,000 / pax and trips are about 5 hours. State that you would like to visit the Baluran National Park to the driver or his helper. They will then drop you at the park’s gate.

From Banyuwangi or Ketapang sea crossing

Take any bus passing from Banyuwangi, which are usually heading to Surabaya. You can also be dropped at the gate, by the driver upon mentioning that you’re planning to visit the park. Fares are for about IDR 15,000 / pax and bus rides are about 2 hours.

To enter Baluran National Park, one must report to the front office of the park and pay an admission of IDR 20,000 / person.

Since currently no one can stay within the park, visitors must rent cars or other transportation devices to travel around. Of course, there’s the option of walking the trail, but considering it’s 12 km to the savanna and another 3 km to the Bama Beach, you might want to consider vehicles that run on gas.

Baluran - in the rented car to the gate

In our rented car to and from the Baluran park gate.

By the way, thank you Explore Solo for organising the trip.


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6 years ago

This is the place I missed when visiting Indonesia last time. Without a doubt, I do regret not going there, but maybe next time. Great landscape! Was it expensive to travel around?