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Travel Blitar in March 2014

People have counted that it would take about 48 years to visit all of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands. But no one has ever taken the time to count how many days it would take to visit all of Indonesia’s little cities. I think it would be a more visible plan to count out and interesting considering each and every city is different. My guess, no less than 48 years, too, LOL! Two full days and nights wasn’t enough for a small town like Blitar. This endearing city is most known to be THE city of our first president, Soekarno, but there’s so much more things to see and do. AAAKKK! How are we to visit all these cities?

Activities in Blitar - Grave of Soekarno

Activities in Blitar

Dinner at Candi Panataran

Our first attraction to this city was The Lost Temple experience. This was a program made by the Hotel Tugu Blitar, which will have you enjoying an evening at Candi Panataran with good food and your good company. It’s exotic and astounding at the same time. Candi. To yourself.

Here’s more of our story having dinner at Candi Panataran.

Activities in Blitar - table for dinner at Candi Panataran

Things to do in Blitar

Aside to the grand experience, we went out and about in Blitar. Because it’s a small town, it only makes sense to get a bike and see more of the city. Better yet, have a local guide you through the alleys and surrounding area, and get a little more knowledge of the area. The Soekarno legacy, productive villages and hitting the street food are some things we enjoyed.

For more stories on our activities in Blitar, you can click on this link.

 Activities in Blitar - more kendang

Where to Sleep

Hotel Tugu Blitar

History buffs or not, Hotel Tugu Blitar is the place to stay. It’s one of the oldest hotels in town but maintained well by the Tugu Group. It has a history dating back to the colonial days, even as a place where Soekarno liked to take his dates and dance. Although the Tugu name might be intimidating for some, there are also relatively affordable rooms to stay in.

For more of the hotel, you can visit our take on in at this link.

 Hotel Tugu Blitar - vines and statues

Address: Jl. Merdeka 173, Blitar 66111, East Java
Phone : 62 (342) 801 766 – 801 687, Fax : 62 (342) 801 763
E-mail :

Room rates : IDR 330,000 – 2,900,000/night including breakfast.




There are no planes flying to Blitar, so the fastest way to get there is by plane through Malang. From there, you take a car ride for about 2 hours. This service can be provided by the Tugu Hotel Blitar or you can arrange your own trip. Buses and trains are also available.

Trains to Blitar

We happened to take the night train from Jakarta. We took the Taksaka Malam

departing at 18.00 and arriving at 07.00 the next morning. The trains are pretty comfortable with reclined seats, AC, pillows and blankets. Food are also sold on the train but are quite expensive. Instant noodles for IDR 20,000??? Compared to the regular IDR 8,000 in street vendor stalls???

The train to Blitar

Train fares were IDR 330,000 / pax, but it depends on how early you purchase the tickets. The sooner, the cheaper. You can buy the tickets at the train website here, which unfortunately is only in Indonesian language. Or you can purchase your ticket at Indomaret mini marts all over Indonesia.

The Tugu Hotel is really close to the train train station. You can walk or becak it. It’s just on the other side of the block your facing once exiting the train station.

The Blitar train station

We happen to exit the city to Malang. So we have information that executive class tickets Malang – Blitar is IDR 235,000/pax for a two-hour ride. My suggestion would be, take the business or economy class, which also has AC. It’ll probably be the best option for the two-hour ride, if you didn’t mind to cut your sleep short because it departs very early in the morning.

As for getting around, there are becaks that can take you around the area. You can also walk the city, as it is a pretty small area to cover.

Activities in Blitar - Blitar becaks



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