Our Brief Stay in Pontianak, West Kalimantan

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This Pontianak trip was done in November 2012


Welcome to Pontianak



The only thing that made Pontianak a tad familiar to me is because one of my high school besties came from this city in West Kalimantan. She told me stories about her childhood there, but even so, I couldn’t quite imagine what Pontianak was like. Years gone by, I finally had a reason to visit Pontianak: the hotel voucher that Mumun won for us!

Unfortunately, I could only stay for 2D1N. I managed to visit some interesting places, though later I found out that there should’ve been more that I could do and eat in Pontianak.

Here are a few things that I experienced in Pontianak:



Coffee Shops

Greatly influenced by the Chinese, Pontianak people has a strong coffee shop culture. There are a number of coffee shops widely known and would be recommended by the locals to visitors, where the locals hang out. The ones we visited were only two amongst the many, which were WK Winni and WK Suka Hati.

Mumun and I visited them separately but we compiled the stories here.

WK Winni on Jalan Gajah Mada, WK Suka Hati on Jalan Tanjungpura.


Preparing for coffee at WK Winni


Museum Negeri Pontianak

It’s always a surprise to see a well-maintained museum in Indonesia. Yeah, our country is that bad in documenting and archiving. The public museum in Pontianak, called Museum Negeri Pontianak, is one of the good news. I was delighted to see the displays and to receive a friendly service from the staff. There were pretty interesting things informed, such as the mystical history of Pontianak city and the heartwarming mixture of races of the people.

The complete story on the museum was written here.

Jalan Ahmad Yani, Pontianak.


The device to weave songket cloth of the Malayans



The Equator Monument

Honestly, I kind of underrated the Equator Monument when a lot of people mentioned it as one of the things I should see in Pontianak. I Googled it and wasn’t impressed with the look. It still doesn’t impress me now visually, but I’m glad I went there because then I got to see with my own eyes that eggs could stand!!

But that’s not all about the Equator Monument. Here’s more.

Jalan Khatulistiwa (Siantan), Pontianak.


The original Equator Monument and me



Sleep In Pontianak 

Gardenia Resort and Spa

Gardenia Resorts is mainly made of wooden bungalows and green gardens. It could fulfill your need of a quiet place to rest, especially in the weekdays when there’s usually rare family with children in sight. If you have a very early morning flight out of Pontianak or a very late night flight into the city, this could be your best choice since it’s located only 10 minutes drive away from the airport!

Check out my experience of staying at Gardenia Resorts and Spa here.

Jalan Ahmad Yani II, Pontianak.
Website: http://gardeniaresortandspa.com/


Spacious room at the resort

Getting Around Pontianak


On our way from the airport to the hotel



Supadio Airport is the only commercial airport in West Kalimantan, located a little bit off the city centre of Pontianak. Airlines that serve the routes to Pontianak (from various cities of Indonesia) such as Sriwijaya Air and Lion Air.

Taxis are easy to find at the airport and can be called from anywhere in the city.

While Mumun had no problem wandering within downtown with angkot, I was never recommended to go by angkot by the hotel staff, probably because it would be a hassle to get an angkot from the suburb-located Gardenia Resort. Instead, they recommended me to take taxi to get between the hotel and downtown.



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